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Chapter 1500: They’re Gone

Mo Yutian pushed Su Wanqin to the nursery, and Ye Xun and Ying Bao followed behind them.

As they were walking, a nurse with a mask walked towards them. In his hands were two huge black plastic bags. It looked like trash.

They thought the nurse was taking out the trash and made way for him.

When they reached the nursery, they found that all of the nurses were resting their heads on the table.

Ye Xun checked the time, and it was only evening. He wondered what gave the nurses the nerve to sleep during work.

He knocked on the table, trying to wake them up, but none of them gave him a response.

Realizing that something was wrong, Ye Xun put his finger under the nose of one of the nurses and realized she was not breathing.

“What the? They’re all dead!” Ye Xun shouted.

He quickly kicked the door to the nursery open and rushed in. Also realizing something was going on, Mo Yutian left Ying Bao with Su Wanqin and ran in after Ye Xun.

When they checked the nursey, they realized the two babies who had been sleeping quietly in their incubators were gone.

“Shit! Someone took the babies!”

Ye Xun panicked. He couldn’t believe that someone would dare to steal the babies in the heavily surveilled hospital.

Mo Yutian calmed down and began to think. He sudden;y realized that the nurse with two bags in his hands might have been one of Lady White Tea’s men who was tasked to steal the babies.

“I got it! The nurse with the plastic bags we ran into just now! He took the babies!” Mo Yutian said.

He quickly rushed out from the nursery with Ye Xun behind him.

As soon as he went through the main door, they saw the nurse had already gotten on another person’s motorbike that was waiting for him.

“There he is! They’re getting away!”

Mo Yutian quickly chased after them. Ye Xun looked around and saw a courier next to them. He took out all of his money and gave it to the courier to borrow his bike.

Mo Yutian did his best chasing after the culprits, but his prosthetic leg was dragging him down.

Just as he was thinking of stopping a car to help him, Ye Xun stopped right next to him.

“Get on!” Ye Xun shouted.

Mo Yutian sat behind Ye Xun, and they chased after the bike that was already pulling away.

The culprits finally realized they were being chased and drifted off the main road and into the mountains.

They ditched their bike and ran into the forest.

Ye Xun and Mo Yutian continued to pursue them until they reached the end of a canyon.

“There’s no way to run now!” Ye Xun shouted.

They were still skeptical about whether the babies were in the bags. But when they heard babies crying, they were sure of it.

“Hand the babies over, and I’ll let you live!” Ye Xun said as he pointed his gun towards the kidnappers.

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