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Chapter 1475: Merely An Accident

She had no idea if it was right to tell him about Qiao Ruoxi’s situation. But Jing Xi felt that it might be a good chance for the two of them.

After emergency surgery, Qiao Ruoxi was out of danger. But her lung had been pierced and she had to stay in the hospital for a while longer.

Huo Yunshen arranged the best ward for her and booked the presidential suite at a five-star hotel nearby for themselves and Tang Yichen and his family. They would wait for Qiao Ruoxi to wake up.

Their guards came back and reported that the assassin was actually a crazy homeless person.

He had no place to live and always wandered around the town. No one knew why he went after the women yesterday.

Since the homeless man was dead now, they could no longer ask for further details and had to stop investigating.

Qiao Ruoxi woke up on the following morning. Since she had been stabbed in the back she could only lie on her stomach.

Jing Xi came with her husband to visit Qiao Ruoxi. “Ruoxi, thank you so much! It would have been me if it was not for you!”

Qiao Ruoxi seemed a bit pale and weak. “Never mind. It’s good you and the babies are fine.”

After a short while, someone rushed in and seemed to have traveled a long way.

Feng Yunan rushed into the room and was still panting. When seeing the side of the woman lying on the bed he confirmed that it was indeed Qiao Ruoxi.

Jing Xi had told him over the phone yesterday that Qiao Ruoxi was hurt. He could not help being extremely worried and flew immediately from Zstan to Estan.

Seeing Qiao Ruoxi like this, he felt his heart being gripped.

But since there were other people here he tried to hide his worries.

Jing Xi saw him and greeted him. “Mr. Feng, that was quick!”


Feng Yunan nodded at her and then recognized Huo Yunshen. “Mr. Huo, what a pleasure.”

“Likewise, Mr. Feng!”

Huo Yunshen knew Feng Yunan too. They had met briefly in a conference a while ago and knew that he was the key person for southern Zstan’s economy and a tough figure.

Hearing Feng Yunan’s voice, Qiao Ruoxi was surprised and upset. She tried to move but the wound on her back hurt sharply.


Hearing that, Feng Yunan ran to her and asked, “Qiao Ruoxi, how do you feel now?”

Instead of answering, Qiao Ruoxi turned away from him.

Feng Yunan was used to her reacting like this and had to ask Jing Xi for help. “What happened? Who did this?”

“A crazy homeless guy. He’s already been taken down,” Huo Yunshen said briefly.

It seemed to be merely an accident.

Feng Yunan talked with Huo Yunshen and his wife for a while longer and concluded, “Thank you so much for taking care of her!”

“Ruoxi was hurt for saving my life. We definitely have to take care of her,” Jing Xi said.

“Well, if you have other important matters to attend to, you can leave her with me now.”

Feng Yunan took the responsibility as if it was his

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