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Chapter 1512: Love Me

The couple had not lived a happy day since what had happened to Little Apple.

Jing Xi even had to take pills to help her sleep at night due to the pain.

Huo Yunshen would choose his words carefully whenever he talked to Jing Xi. He was worried that certain words might remind her of their lost son.

“Yunshen, we have to catch Lady White Tea! We’re not letting her off this easily. We won’t be able to have a stable life as long as she’s still alive,” Jing Xi said.

In Jing Xi’s eyes, Yun Xuerou was the epitome of evil; she was the devil.

“She’s on every wanted list in the world right now. We suspect that she might change her looks. But don’t worry, we are all doing our best to find her,” Huo Yunshen replied.

Yun Xuerou had been a spy from the beginning and was really good in counterintelligence. Catching her would be a huge challenge.

“No matter where she hides, she’ll definitely be caught one day.”

Jing Xi believed that all evil, in the end, will get the punishment they deserve.

She wanted to avenge her son and those who were used by her.

“I see it now…,” Jing Xi suddenly said.

“See what?” Huo Yunshen asked as he lowered his head and kissed her on her forehead.

“I think Little Apple fell down the canyon because fate decided that he should not be our son but an angel. He has returned to God’s side,” Jing Xi said with a smile. “I think if we have another child in another two years, Little Apple might choose to be our son again.”

Jing Xi did not want to give up on Little Apple and put her hopes on something unimaginable.

“All right, let’s have another son. We’ll name him Little Apple too.” Huo Yunshen smiled, hiding the sadness inside him.

“We are lucky that Little Grape is still with us,” Jing Xi nodded. “I’m still a mother, and I can’t stay like this forever.”

Others had been telling Jing Xi to look at that future but failed to guide her on the right path, until Jing Xi finally realized it herself. She finally walked out of the darkness.

“Yunshen, I’ve decided to continue my path as an actress,” Jing XI said. “At least I won’t overthink when I’m busy.”

“And I’ll support you all the way,” Huo Yunshen smiled.

Seeing Jing Xi walking back on the right path, Huo Yunshen felt relieved.

He always believed that she had the strongest will in the world and would not fall that easily.

“Come on, it’s time to sleep. Goodnight, my love,” Huo Yunshen said and turned off the night lamp.

Even though the room was dark, Jing XI did not close her eyes. Thinking back, she realized that she had also ignored her husband most of the time.

Jing Xi turned and crawl onto Huo Yunshen like a cat.

“Yunshen, love me, will you?”

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