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Chapter 1492: Time to Take Responsibility

“Ying Bao, let’s go. We’ll visit them next time,” Jing Xi said.

“Bye-bye, Uncle Dragonbeard, I’ll come again, okay?” Ying Bao said and ran to her mother.

After they had left, Su Wanqin lay down and sighed.

“What did they do to deserve this? Why can’t they live a safe and happy life? If I could trade my life for their happiness, I would do it…”

Mo Yutian looked out the window.

He suddenly made a choice. He decided that it was time to take responsibility.

Jing Xi and her family would never be safe unless Lady White Tea was apprehended.

After making sure that he wanted to walk down that road, Mo Yutian stood up. The out of mind look that he always had was gone and was replaced with a stern look.

“Mom, please get some rest. I have to go out for a while,” Mo Yutian said.

“Okay.” Su Wanqin nodded, only realizing what was happening when Mo Yutian was at the door. “What… Xiao’er?”

Su Wanqin could not believe that her son, who had lost his mind, was talking to her and even calling her “mom.”

It meant that Mo Yutian had recovered.

But no matter how Su Wanqin tried to stop her son, Mo Yutian left without turning his head back. He went to Huo Yunshen’s room, and to his luck, Ye Xun and Jing Zhannan were outside the door.

Ye Xun was first to notice Mo Yutian walking towards them. He quickly realized Mo Yutian was walking with his head held high.

Mo Yutian stopped in front of them. Ye Xun looked at him from top to bottom. To his surprise, Mo Yutian did not look stupid at all.

“Mo Yutian! Were you acting all this time?”

Ye Xun quickly rested his hand by his gun, preparing for a battle.

“Now’s not the time for that,” Mo Yutian said. “Mr. Ye, Mr. Jing, I have something to discuss with the both of you. May I?”


Both Ye Xun and Jing Zhannan were shocked that Mo Yutian could speak like a normal person.

“What do you want?”

Mo Yutian looked at Huo Yunshen’s room and said, “Do you want to catch who’s behind the attack? I might have something to help with that.”

Ye Xun and Jing Zhannan both looked at each other. Even though there might be a chance that Mo Yutian might be setting up a trap, there was no way they could give up on a lead.

They brought Mo Yutian to the lounge so they could speak more freely.

“What were you going to tell us?” Ye Xun asked.

“I do know who’s responsible for the attack. Her name is Lady White Tea,” Mo Yutian said.

“Lady White Tea?” Ye Xun had seen Jing Xi’s movie, Landscape, and knew that Lady White Tea was also the person responsible for separating Jing Xi’s parents.

“She wants revenge.” Mo Yutian explained to them everything that had happened up until then.

“Oh my god! Are you telling me she’s back?’

Ye Xun could not believe that after all these years, Lady White Tea was still playing with the devil.

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