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Chapter 1480: Alone Time

“I’m better, don’t worry,” Huo Yijing replied.

“Where’s Chengcheng? Is he not here with you?”

Huo Yunshen was already missing his niece.

“No, he still has to go to school.”

“I see… Bring him over during the holidays. Ying Bao misses her big brother.”

“I will,” Huo Yijing nodded.

Huo Yunshen looked at Jing Zhannan standing behind Huo Yijing.

“Uncle-in-law is here too?”

“Yup. I’m here to accompany Jingjing,” Jing Zhannan said.

“Thank you. Why don’t you take my sister around? It’s her first time in Estan.”

The truth was, Huo Yunshen wanted to ask Jing Zhannan how it went with Huo Yijing, but there was no way he could ask the question with Huo Yijing around.

“Will do.”

Jing Zhannan would never let such a chance slip by.

They stayed for a little longer and left after that, thinking that it would be best for Huo Yunshen to rest after the surgery.

“Then, we’ll take our leave now. Leave your sister to me, I’ll take care of her,” Jing Zhannan said.

Being one of his trusted aides, Jing Zhannan had earned Huo Yunshen’s trust. Huo Yunshen wouldn’t mind leaving his sister in Jing Zhannan’s hands.

“I’ll go see them off,” Jing Xi said and got up.

“No, stay. You should take care of yourself too,” Jing Zhannan said.

Jing Zhannan took the chance and grabbed Huo Yijing’s hand before leaving the room. But once they were out, Huo Yijing pulled her hand back.

“What’s wrong?” Jing Zhannan asked.


“Come on, I’ll bring you to some of the best spots in Lin City.”

Jing Zhannan opened the door to his car.

Huo Yijing didn’t really want to go; she wanted to talk to Jing Zhannan about something but didn’t have the chance to do so.

In the end, she got into his car.

Jing Zhannan was really excited as he drove to the destination.

If not for Huo Yunshen’s surgery, Jing Zhannan wondered how long he would have had to wait before he could see Huo Yijing.

Now that Huo Yijing was in Estan without her son, he finally got some alone time with her. He planned to propose to her romantically to win her heart.

Jing Zhannan took Huo Yijing around Lin City during the day.

When night fell, Jing Zhannan took Huo Yijing to the most prosperous part of the city, the City Square of Lin City.

A skyscraper stood beside the square with a huge LED screen on it.

Christmas was near, and a huge Christmas tree was set up in the middle of the square.

Jing Zhannan had Huo Yijing wait under the tree as he went to buy something.

Huo Yijing waited patiently but Jing Zhannan didn’t return. Just as she was about to call him, she suddenly heard people gasping around her.

“Look at that!”

“Is someone confessing?’

“No! Isn’t that a proposal?”

Huo Yijing raised her head and saw that the contents of the screen on the skyscraper had been changed to lines of words.

[Jingjing, I love you!]

[Will you marry me and let me take care

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