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Chapter 1487: Most Critical Moment

The previously ignorant Mo Yutian had become fully vigilant. He shouted and leaped toward that person.

Seeing him coming, that person immediately pushed the cart forward.

Mo Yutian took him down and beat him hard.

When Jing Xi and the rest heard the noise and turned back, they could only see a cart rushing toward them.


Jing Xi was hit on the belly and felt sharp pain. Huo Sanyan kicked the cart to the side immediately.

But they had never expected that the cart was loaded with a bomb. The knocking and kicking made it explode.

There was a huge bang and flames.

The explosion shook the entire building. People inside the operating room felt it too.

The nurses heard the bang. They were scared and wondered what had happened.

But the supervisor, Gu Yici and the other doctors were never disturbed. It was the most critical moment and nothing could have distracted them even if the sky collapsed.

Seeing them keeping focused on the operation, the others had to try to stay calm as well.

It was a mess in the hallway after the explosion. Su Wanqin had been knocked away.

Huo Erqi and Huo Sanyan covered Jing Xi so that she was not hurt by the bomb. But the hit to her belly was bad.

She started bleeding and her water broke. Jing Xi held her belly in pain and cried, “It’s painful… so painful…”

“Shit, are you in labor?” Huo Sanyan cried anxiously.

“It seems yes. We have to get Jing Xi to the labor room!” Huo Erqi said.

She tried to get Jing Xi up. But the woman carrying two babies was too heavy for her.

While they were feeling helpless, Mo Yutian put down the attacker and rushed to them. He lifted up Jing Xi and said, “You stay here. I’ll send her to the labor room.”

Huo Sanyan was shocked by Mo Yutian suddenly becoming normal. But she had no time to ask further questions.

They had to let Mo Yutian take Jing Xi under such an emergency.

Then Huo Sanyan asked Huo Erqi to stay outside the operation room, while she followed Mo Yutian to take care of Jing Xi.

Soon enough, the guards of the hospital all came to check it out. The police arrived too.

The attacker was arrested and the mess was taken care of. The operation carried on intensively.

Inside the labor room.

Mo Yutian took Jing Xi here and she was immediately sent into the labor room.

Because she had been hit by the cart, Jing Xi suffered tremendously from the labor.

The pain was overwhelming. But she had to try her best to give birth to the babies.

At the same time that her husband was undergoing a dangerous operation, Jing Xi suffered from the most difficult delivery.

Mo Yutian heard her screaming inside the labor room and felt extremely worried. But there was nothing he could do to help.

Now he could only stay here and guard Jing Xi. He chose to stay because he was not sure whether Lady White Tea had any further plans.

Huo Sanyan had been starin

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