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Chapter 1502: Can’t Handle The Shock

No one could believe what they heard. With Jing Ruyue accompanying her, Jing Xi went to the nursery.

Police had already arrived, and the nursery’s door was crowded with people.

Three nurses had died from being attacked.

“Where are my babies?” Jing Xi shouted as she pushed her way into the nursery. It was all real, as she could not find Little Apple and Little Grape.

“My sons!”

Jing Xi collapsed to the floor and cried.

Jing Ruyue also could not hold it in any longer as tears rolled down her face.

“No… This isn’t happening… I have to go look for them…”

Jing Xi climbed up, realizing that crying wouldn’t solve the problem, and was about to go find her children. Jing Ruyue stopped her just in time.

“Yanyan, stop. Ye Xun and Long Xiao are going after them. We have to put our belief in them. Don’t hurt yourself.”

“But my sons…”

Jing Xi finally fainted from all the shock.

Jing Ruyue quickly got someone to help Jing Xi back to her room.

When Jing Zhannan learned from his sister that his nephews were taken, he rushed to the hospital to help

The police had locked the whole hospital down and begun their investigation.

Jing Ruyue only told the news of the incident to Helian Wei and Helian Qingyu. She chose not to tell Huo Yunshen as they were worried that he could not handle the shock since he was still recovering from brain surgery.

They waited impatiently for Ye Xun to return with good news.

He brought one of the babies back to Jing Xi.

“Where’s the other one?” both Jing Ruyue and Su Wanqin asked.

“I could only get one back…”

Ye Xun did not tell them the whole story yet.

“What should we do?”

Jing Ruyue took the child from Ye Xun and realized the baby was shivering from the cold.

“Oh, my poor thing…”

Since the incident took place in the nursery, they chose to keep the baby by their side. Jing Ruyue found a clean towel to wrap around the baby.

She hugged the baby until the shivering stopped.

“Where’s Xiao’er?” Su Wanqin asked as she noticed Mo Yutian was not with Ye Xun. “Why isn’t he back yet?”

“He…” Ye Xun tried to explain.

But before he could, Jing Xi was woken up by the cries of her son.

“I have to look for them…” Jing Xi said in pain.

“Look, he’s here!” Jing Ruyue quickly showed Jing Xi Little Grape.

“My son…”

Jing Xi hugged her son and kissed him.

It was her first time hugging him.

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