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Chapter 1482: A Birthday Surprise

Mo Xiaonian sighed as she looked at the screen and the roses in her hand.

The first thing she did as soon as she was transferred to JS1 was to help her boss propose, but it had failed in the end. Such a waste… she thought.

Even though Jing Zhannan’s words did not reach Huo Yijing’s heart, they did move Mo Xiaonan.

She could feel how much Jing Zhannan really loved the woman he was proposing to and could not understand why that woman could not accept him.

The proposal was ended swiftly, and Huo Yijing left on the third day after Huo Yunshen was stable.

When Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi heard about the proposal from Ye Xun, both of them felt that Jing Zhannan might not be able to get Huo Yijing back again.

“Such a waste… Uncle has been waiting for her for such a long time, and it had to end like this…”

Jing Xi sighed.

“It might not be a bad thing. With this, he might be able to start a new life and meet the one he was meant to be with,” Huo Yunshen said.

“You’re right.”

With Mo Yutian’s stem cells and a decent amount of rest, Huo Yunshen was able to recover smoothly.

After staying in the hospital for a few days, he was cleared to leave.

“You can go back now.” Gu Yici relayed the good news. “Make sure to not strain yourself. You still have another surgery in 20 days.”

Twenty days meant that the surgery would be scheduled for Christmas.

And the day before Christmas was Jing Xi’s birthday.

The only thing Jing Xi wanted for her birthday was for her husband’s surgery to go smoothly.

Huo Yunshen left the hospital and rested at home, leaving all his work to Ye Xun.

Since Ye Xun became busier than before, he rarely went back home and couldn’t meet Huo Sanyan as much as he used too.

On the other hand, Huo Sanyan was happy about it. She had finally gained her freedom.

She really hoped that Ye Xun could become busier so that he wouldn’t be a bother to her.

There was more good news. Qiao Ruoyi had recovered and was going back to class again.

After a while, Tang Yitan and his family came to Estan again. After Liang Lan’s first session with Jing Huaduo, she could feel herself getting better. Her uterus had finally stopped bleeding.

That was why they had revisited Estan, so they could completely cure her illness.

Time flew, and it was Christmas Eve.

Huo Yunshen prepared an unforgettable birthday surprise for Jing Xi. He booked one of the best Three-Star restaurants in Lin City for a romantic dinner.

Even though it was so cold that it might snow that night, the decorations in the restaurant were enough to melt Jing Xi’s heart.

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