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Chapter 1489: Feeling Reborn

The operation on the central nervous system of his brain carried on for eight hours and finally came to an end.

Huo Yunshen was sent to the ICU for another 72-hour observation. Gu Yici, his supervisor, and other doctors and nurses finally came out of the operating room and heard about what had happened.

The family and friends including Jing Xi’s parents, her grandfather, and uncle all came to the hospital.

Huo Yunshen was still in danger and they could only wait. Hearing that Jing Xi had already given birth to the babies, they all went to check on her.

Jing Xi had already been sent to the ward and put on a drip and oxygen. She was so weak and still in a coma.

They came to her room and asked about the babies.

The elder baby seemed okay at first. But later on, he was also sent back to the incubator because of choking.

Huo Sanyan told them, “Jing Xi gave birth to two boys. But they are both weak and currently being kept in the incubators.”

Jing Ruyue burst into tears hearing that her daughter had almost died during the delivery.

Helian Wei had to pat her constantly and said, “Don’t cry, honey, she will wake up soon.”

“What happened today? Yanyan was not expected to give birth so quickly.” Jing Xi’s grandfather, Jing Huaduo, asked.

Huo Sanyan had to tell everybody what had happened and they were all shocked.

No one would have expected that a terrorist could sneak into the Top Military District Hospital of Estan and create such a mess during Huo Yunshen’s operation.

But luckily, Mo Yutian got the attacker. Otherwise, if the disguised attacker had gotten the bomb into the operating room, it would have been disastrous.

Now they all turned to Mo Yutian. But he seemed like an idiot again and sat quietly in the corner.

Huo Sanyan knew that he was faking it. But she said nothing. As long as he was trying to help, she would let him stay. After all, he could protect Jing Xi.

Jing Xi woke up after an hour or so. She opened her eyes to see all those familiar faces.

The sharp pain reminded her that she was still alive. It felt like being reborn.


“Yanyan, I’m here.”

Jing Ruyue took her hand and looked at her with tears in her eyes.

Jing Xi looked around and saw her grandfather, her uncle and two sisters-in-law. Then she asked, “How is Yunshen’s operation?”

Huo Erqi told her, “It’s finished.”

“How is he? Was it successful? I have to see him!”

Despite her weakness, Jing Xi tried to get up and go to her husband. But Huo Erqi and the others stopped her. “You stay here. Yunshe’s operation was successful. But he is being kept in the ICU now. You could not see him even if you went there. You just gave birth and are very weak. Take some good rest now.”

Speaking of the babies, Jing Xi looked around but did not see the babies or hear their cries. She felt worried. “Where are my babies?”

“They are in the incubators. Don’t worry

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