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Chapter 1477: Seemed Nothing Like An Idiot

That was Huo Yunshen’s brother. Mo Yutian.

It was nothing unexpected. When Gu Yici suggested that they should try looking for a match in his immediate family, Jing Xi felt that it might be Mo Yutian.

Now it turned out that he was indeed the one.

“This is great! Honey! We finally found the match! You’ll be fine!”

Jing Xi was so excited and cuddled her husband.

But Huo Yunshen didn’t feel so good. Knowing that he would have the bone mass of the person he hated the most transplanted into his own body, it felt… complicated.

How he wished he could say no to it.

After finding the match they would need to set a time for the operation. Jing Xi asked Gu Yici, “Dr. Gu, when shall we schedule the operation?”

“You need to take that person to the hospital for a thorough check. When it’s ready I’ll let you know.”

“Sure, sure.”

Coming back home, Jing Xi went to Su Wanqin to tell her the result. Su Wanqin was also excited and kept praying, “Thank god! Thank god! Yunshen will be fine now!”

But Jing Xi was worried. What if Mo Yutian did not want to donate his bone mass?

Su Wanqin had decided for him to take his blood sample for the matching. But now she had to tell him in person about the matter.

Jing Xi asked Su Wanqin to wait outside while she tried to talk to Mo Yutian face to face. She felt very calm.

There was no point recalling whatever happened in the past. So she went straight forward. “Mo Yutian, although you act like an idiot I know you are not completely insane. You are from time to time sober. Aren’t you?

“If you happen to be somewhat sober now, I’m telling you something. We’ve gotten the results and your bone mass matches perfectly with Yunshen’s.

“The doctor asked that you have a thorough check tomorrow so that we can schedule the operation.

“I’m telling you this because I respect you as a human being. I hope to get your consent on this.

“If by any chance you can understand my words and agree to donate your bone mass, can you please press your finger on mine?”

After saying that Jing Xi pointed out a finger toward Mo Yutian.

She waited for a long while until the crazy Mo Yutian stopped and looked at her finger. Then he pointed his own and pressed it on hers.

After that, he continued playing with his toys.

Upon getting his consent, Jing Xi stood up and headed off.

But before she stepped out of the room Jing Xi turned back to him and asked, “Mo Yutian, was that you who saved me in the amusement park?’

She was merely doubting if it could be Mo Yutian.

Since when did she have this doubt?

Perhaps it was since the moment he saved Ying Bao.

He had acted so swiftly and seemed nothing like an idiot.

But Mo Yutian gave no reaction. He kept sitting on the floor and seemed to not heard her at all.

He was indeed an idiot now!

How could that be him?

Jing Xi sighed and left.

On the foll

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