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Chapter 1499: What Else Could She Do?

One day after the Tang Yichen family’s visit, Ma Haodong and Xiao Yuqian also flew to Estan to see Jing Xi.

It had been a long while. Ma Haodong seemed more charming and responsible as a mature man.

He carried some gifts and held Xiao Yuqian’s hand, moving toward the room.

Xiao Yuqian could only get rid of him at the door.

She had wanted to come by herself. But Ma Haodong managed to find out her plan and flew on the same flight with her to Estan.

She tried to kick him away. But he insisted that he was visiting Jing Xi and happened to be on the same flight with her. What else could she do?

Entering the room, Xiao Yuqian smiled at Jing Xi and said, “Yanyan, congrats! I heard you had two baby boys. I’m so happy for you.”

Xiao Yuqian passed the bouquet to Jing Xi, who smiled back and thanked her. “Thank you, sister Qianqian and brother Dong, for coming all the way here.”

“Of course we had to come!”

Ma Haodong put the gifts on the table and came to sit by Xiao Yuqian.

Seeing them staying pretty close, Jing Xi asked, “Are you guys getting married soon? Do send me an invitation!”

Ma Haodong nodded, “Sure, sure. I’ll definitely let you know.”

Xiao Yuqian gave him a mean look and thought, Who is getting married to you? We’ve got a lot to figure out before that, OK?

Ma Haodong deliberately ignored her look and was not annoyed at all. He would never give up no matter how she reacted.

They chatted for a while and talked about Li Ruochu. “Sister Qianqian, do you know how Ruochu has been doing recently? Is she still staying with you?”

“No. She moved out.”

Xiao Yuqian knew that Li Ruochu was running away from her ex. She tried to persuade her to go back to him for the baby’s sake.

But Li Ruochu was determined never to get back to Helian Qingyu. There was nothing she could do.

“I am so worried. She is pregnant. Who could take care of her if she is in need?” Jing Xi sighed.

She’d just had a difficult delivery and knew exactly how crucial her family was for her. How could Li Ruochu do it by herself?

“Don’t be too worried. I saw a man helping her moving out previously. He was nice and gentle. Perhaps he could be her new boyfriend.”


“I was just thinking aloud. I have no idea either.”

Jing Xi felt even more worried. If Li Ruochu had found a new boyfriend, what about her brother?

Xiao Yuqian did not stay for long. She had too many things to take care of and had to fly back on the following day.

Ma Haodong had originally planned to take her on a vacation in Estan. They could barely have any intimate time in Zstan. But she would not spare him the chance.

With Xiao Yuqian gone, there was no point for him to stay further. So he followed her back.

It had been half a month. Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen had visitors almost every day.

Ye Xun picked Ying Bao up from the school and took her to the hospital. Su Wanqin

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