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Chapter 1474: Find Out

“Jing Xi! Be careful!” Qiao Ruoyi shouted as the blade dug into her back. Liang Lan shouted for help as she pushed the attacker away.

But unluckily for Liang Lan, the attacker still managed to cut her arm.

When the attacker tried to attack again, the guards surrounded him and apprehended him.

The attacker tried to resist until one of the guards snapped his neck.

The two men who were with the kids quickly ran to their wives when they heard their pleas for help. The kids followed them too.

“Jing Xi!”




Qiao Ruoyi was lying on top of Jing Xi as blood soaked her clothes.

“Hubby! Hurry up and save Ruoyi!”

Jing Xi was still in shock. She couldn’t react when she noticed the attacker was holding a knife, and it was Qiao Ruoyi’s quick reaction that had saved her and taken the hit for her.

Huo Yunshen helped Qiao Ruoyi up and rested her on a nearby chair. After making sure that Jing Xi wasn’t hurt, Huo Yunshen let out a sigh of relief.

He also ordered his guards to take Qiao Ruoyi to a nearby hospital.

“Lanlan is hurt too, I can go to the hospital with them. You stay here and take care of the kids,” Tang Yitan said and left with the guards.

“Mommy, are you all right?” Ying Bao asked worriedly as she couldn’t ignore the blood on Jing Xi’s clothes.

“Mommy’s fine, but Auntie Qiao is not,” Jing Xi said. “She risked her life to save me, so did Auntie Liang.”

“Can I go look for my mother?” Tang Feimo asked.

“Yes, we’ll go there together after this, okay?”

Huo Yunshen went to check on the attacker and realized he was already dead.

“Go and find out who sent him!” Huo Yunshen ordered.

“Yes, sir!”

Huo Yunshen wanted to know who had the nerve to send an attacker to target his wife in broad daylight.

He had to find out.

“This place is not safe anymore. We have to leave,” Huo Yunshen said as he helped Jing Xi up.

After what had happened, Huo Yunshen believed that he would never revisit Likee, as that place brought nothing but bad memories.

Helian Qingyu was attacked when they last visited, and now the ladies were attacked.

Huo Yunshen quickly took his wife and the kids to the hospital.

Tang Yitan was with his wife, whose hand was bandaged.

Since Qiao Ruoyi was still in the ER, they could only wait at the hospital.

Qiao Ruoyi’s phone, which Jing Xi was holding onto, rang while they were waiting. Since Jing Xi was worried that it might be Qiao Ruoyi’s family, she decided to answer it.

But when she saw the caller ID, she could guess who was calling Qiao Ruoyi.

“Hello?” Jing Xi answered.

“How long do I have to wait for you to pick the phone up?” the man on the other side of the phone asked with a cold voice.

“Mr. Feng, I assume? I’m Ruoyi’s friend; my name is Jing Xi…”

Feng Yunan asked where Qiao Ruoyi was, and Jing Xi answered truthfully.

When the man heard about Qiao Ruoyi’s co

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