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Chapter 1471: She Finally Got A Chance


They apologized at the same time. Jing Xi looked up and found it to be Qiao Ruoxi. “Ruoxi, it’s you!”

Qiao Ruoxi was also surprised to bump into her. “Jing Xi, what a coincidence. There’s no class today so I decided to come to LIKEE and check out the market here.”

“Me too. We decided to come here this morning and my sister-in-law came here with me.”

Jing Xi called Liang Lan and briefly introduced the two. Then she asked, “Are you here alone?”


“Would you like to join us then? We booked a venue on the beach and prepared for a barbecue. We’ve got everything ready. It would be great if you could join.”

Jing Xi knew that she was by herself in Estan and had always been alone. Therefore she would very much like her to join the crowd.

“Can I? I don’t want to cause you any troubles.”

Qiao Ruoxi had been used to staying alone and did not want to be a burden to anyone.

“Absolutely! Come with us!”

Jing Xi got hold of Qiao Ruoxi and the three women strolled on together.

Getting out of the market, they headed for the beach accompanied by the guards.

There was a filming crew by the beach. Everyone was ready except for the actress.

When Jing Xi and her friends passed by they almost got hit by a van.

Luckily Lian Lan and Qiao Ruoxi saw it in time dragged her to the side.

Lian Lan exclaimed, “Oh my god! They almost ran into us!”

Qiao Ruoxi was worried. “Jing Xi, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Jing Xi stroked her belly and looked at the van that pulled over not far ahead of them.

Am assistant opened the door and a charming woman with sunglasses came out of the van.

When she took off her sunglasses, Jing Xi recognized her. “Isn’t that Wen Ke-Er?”

“It is indeed!”

Qiao Ruoxi was very disappointed to see Wen Ke-Er.

Seeing Wen Ke-Er and the crew over there, she realized that she had come here for the filming.

Wen Ke-Er took a glance at them and instantly recognized Qiao Ruoxi.

The one next to her was also no stranger. It was Jing Xi who had beaten her up in the washroom the other day. She was still mad at her.

Finally, she got a chance today. She would like them to pay it back!

“Let’s go!”

Qiao Ruoxi wanted nothing to do with Wen Ke-Er at all.

But they were stopped by Wen Ke-Er before they headed off. “Qiao Ruoxi! Jing Xi! Stop!”

Liang Lan knew that Wen Ke-Er was an internationally renowned film star. But she had no idea why Wen Ke-Er had a problem with the two women beside her. How come she knew their names?

Jing Xi and Qiao Ruoxi stopped. And Wen Ke-Er already came to them with her assistant and guards.

She was obviously hostile. “What a surprise to see you here!”

“So what?” Qiao Ruoxi replied.

“Ha…” Wen Ke-Er sneered. “Don’t think you are safe under the protection of your friend. And you, Miss Jing Xi, how will you compensate me for beating me last time?”

Lian Lan wa

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