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Chapter 1479: What A Surprise

He could not turn his eyes away from her and kept looking carefully at her every single movement and expression.

After quite a while Jing Xi felt a bit exhausted with knitting and raised her head to relax her neck. Then she realized that he was already awake.

“Honey, you’re awake!”

Jing Xi was very surprised. The doctor said it might take a while longer but it had only taken him a couple of hours.

“Yeah. Sorry, honey, to make you worry again!”

Huo Yunshen reached out to her and Jing Xi got hold of his hand and pressed it to her cheek.

“Don’t say that. It’s already a huge comfort you woke up so quickly.”

“Yeah.” Huo Yunshen pulled her closer and pressed his forehead to hers.

He smelled a faint scent from her and felt like kissing her.

Just before their lips were about to touch, a little one called, “Daddy!”

They had to bounce back. Huo Yunshen looked toward the door and saw two little figures darting in.

Ying Bao came in first, followed by Tang Feimo and his parents.

Ying Bao was also very excited to see her father awake.

She ran to him and took his hand in hers, then asked, “Daddy, how are you feeling now? Does it hurt?”

“Not at all.”

“Daddy, you have no idea how I worried about you! I could barely eat anything. Only three buns!”

Haha, you call three buns nothing?

Huo Yunshen petted her on the head and replied seriously, “Indeed, I can tell that. You are so skinny now.”


Ying Bao played cute and stayed as close as she could to her father.

Tang Yichen and his wife came to check on Huo Yunshen and told him that they would be leaving on the following day. There were too many things for him to take care of back in Zstan so they could not stay too long in Estam.

Tang Feimo was least willing to go. But he could do nothing about it.

How reluctant he was to part with his little wife again!

Liang Lan tried hard to convince him and he only agreed to go home on the condition that she would bring him to Estan again when she came for a follow-up check next time.

“Sorry I cannot send you to the airport tomorrow,” Huo Yunshen said.

“Never mind. You stay well. When we come back again, I guess it’ll be time for Jing Xi to give birth. Let’s celebrate then.”

“Right. I will send you an invitation and you cannot miss it!”

Huo Yunshen could not wait to share the news with all his friends that they would have two newborns soon.

They agreed that they would invite all their friends from Zstan to celebrate the birth of the babies.

Considering that Huo Yunshen would need more rest after the operation, Tang Yichen did not stay long and took the two children to leave shortly after.

Hearing that he was already awake, the family came to visit Huo Yunshen in the afternoon.

Huo Yijing came, accompanied by Jing Zhannan.

Huo Yunshen was a bit surprised to see Huo Yijing. “Eldest sister, I didn’t know you were com

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