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Chapter 1491: Extremely Worried

Jing Xi saw that and felt very worried. She asked the nurse, “What’s wrong with them? Why do they need oxygen?”

The nurse told her about their situations. Then Jing Xi realized that due to the attack and the difficult delivery, the boys had been suffering from hypoxia. To make it worse, her younger son had some heart problems.

Jing Xi was heartbroken upon hearing this. She almost died giving birth yet her sons were sick now.

How could she not feel desperate as their mother?

Jing Ruyue tried to comfort her. “Don’t worry. They will be fine. They are weak because they are twins. Twins are more likely to suffer from various problems than single babies. When I had you and your brother, you were the younger one and also very weak. We had you in the incubator for over a month before we could take you home.”

Jing Xi felt somewhat relieved upon hearing her mother’s words.

They had to stay in the incubators for a little while longer. She could not stay there for too long and had to leave.

“Mother, I want to see Yunshen.”

Jing Xi had not seen her husband for the past two days. Now that she felt much better she had to go and check on him.

“Mommy, grandma, I want to see daddy too.” Ying Bao missed her father too.

“Right. I’ll take you to him.”

Coming to the ICU, Jing Xi saw through the windows her man lying on the bed in a coma. She could no longer hold back her tears.

Seeing her father lying in a coma like last time, Ying Bao felt very worried. “Mommy, when will daddy wake up? Will it take a long while?”

Jing Xi shook her head and said, “I have no idea.”

“Don’t cry, Yanyan. You just gave birth. If you cry too much you will suffer from eye diseases from now on.”

Jing Ruyue tried to convince her with her own experience. She had suffered a lot after giving birth to her babies which resulted in her poor health condition till now.

Jing Xi wiped her tears and asked anxiously, “Mother, they said the operation was successful…but why is he still in a coma?”

Thinking of the risks and possible sequels of the operation, Jing Xi felt extremely worried.

What if he never woke up again, or if he forgot everything like Mo Yutian?

“Let’s wait and see. The doctor said we need to wait for 72 hours.”

There was nothing they could do now. Getting out of the ICU, Jing Xi went to see Su Wanqin.

She saw Su Wanqin lying on the bed, as well as Mo Yutian, who sat blankly by the corner.

He seemed to not be aware of them coming in.

Hearing that she had been hurt in the explosion, Jing Xi asked, “Mother, how are you feeling now?”

Ying Bao was worried too. “Grandma, are you ok?”

Su Wanqin patted her on the head and said, “Grandma is fine.”

Then she turned to Jing Xi. “Jing Xi, I was about to go see you. Are you feeling better now? How are the babies?”

Su Wanqin was actually planning to visit Jing Xi and before they arrived.

“We are fine. No wo

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