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Chapter 1511: Let Her Pay

“No idea.”

Jing Xi shook her head. She had no plan at all. Nothing seemed exciting anymore.

If it was not for her family and friends she might have committed suicide.

“Do you remember how depressed I was when Dazhi passed away? I was down to hell. Everything seemed grey. I almost tried to kill myself.”

“Yes. You were strong and managed to get over it.”

“No! It was not me getting over it, but you saving me from it.”

Fang Xiaocheng held Jing Xi’s hands and continued, “Do you remember how you did that? You found me something to do. You asked me to make your novel into a movie script.

“That was how I got engaged in working and barely had any time to mourn Dazhi. As time passed I eventually got over the loss of him.

“Yanyan, I think you should go back to acting. Choose a script you like. Only when you engage yourself in work will you have no time to grieve.

“And you are a born actress. You were born for the stage and screen. It would be such a pity if you stop here.”

“…” Jing Xi said nothing but pondered her words carefully.

“Or you could try singing. You have a lovely voice and you sing well. With Mr. Huo’s support, you could definitely make a career of singing.”

“True. You are so right. But I have to discuss it with Yunshen before making any decision.”

Hearing her reply, Fang Xiaocheng felt somewhat relieved. No one but herself could help her make the leap and step out of the darkness.

“Yanyan, remember, I’ll always be with you no matter what you do.”

“Thank you.”

They had not seen each other for a long time and chatted until midnight.

When Fang Xiaocheng went to sleep, Jing Xi was still sleepless. She tried to think through Fang Xiaocheng’s advice again.

Getting back to her acting career could be an option. While she was pregnant the famous director Mr. Hanson had come to her and offered her a role. She had nothing to worry about if she would like to start again.

She could go back whenever she was ready.

She could also try singing. But the baby was still too small. She did not want him to be parted from his mother now.

Maybe later!

When Little Grape grew up she might be willing to start over again.

Currently, she just wanted to find Yun Xuerou as soon as possible.

And let her pay.

In the following days, Fang Xiaocheng stayed with Jing Xi while Yi Xiao went with Huo Yunshen to the Dragon Kingdom.

There were increasingly more things waiting for Huo Yunshen to take care of in the Dragon Kingdom.

According to the current schedule, the Dragon Kingdom would be reestablished in no more than three years.

In the afternoon Huo Yunshen and Yi Xiao returned to Yunjing Villa and heard the children’s giggling coming from the garden.

They went over and saw Ying Bao running joyfully with Yi Bei on the lawn.

The two women sat aside and watched them play.

Fang Xiaocheng kept calling Yi Bai to run more slowl

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