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Chapter 1501: What Could He Tell Them?

The two were planning to hide in the mountain for a while and go to their master later on.

But they were already cornered by Ye Xun and Mo Yutian. If they were to go one step further they would definitely fall over the cliff and die.

Yet they still wanted to try their luck. So upon taking a brief look at each other one of them suddenly threw a bag toward Ye Xun and Mo Yutian.

Ye Xun leaped over to get the bag regardless of the danger. Upon getting hold of the bag he felt the tender baby inside, who was crying violently.

When opening the bag, he confirmed from the name tag that it was Jing Xi’s second boy, Little Grape.

The two were about to flee when Mo Yutian blocked their way and claimed, “Surrender the other child. Otherwise, you are dead!”

They were desperate to survive. So the disguised nurse decided to give up on the child and replied, “Here you go, catch it!”

However, he faked a throw to Mo Yutian but actually swung the bag toward the cliff.


Seeing him throwing the baby over the cliff, Mo Yutian was tingled and leaped immediately toward the cliff despite the danger.

Luckily he was quick enough to catch the baby.


When he got hold of the baby he realized that he was already off the cliff and could not help from falling.


Mo Yutian’s voice resounded among the cliffs.

“Mo Yutian!!!”

Ye Xun witnessed what had happened. Mo Yutian did catch the baby but they fell over the cliff together.

The two wreckers were about to flee when Ye Xun saw them.

Bang, bang, bang…

“You go to hell!”

Ye Xun shot them dead at once.

Then he ran to the cliff and looked downward. But he saw nothing except for a foggy abyss.

The canyon in the Mang Mountain was called the Death Canyon by the people in Estan.

It was said to be connected with an undercurrent that led to the Black Sea and the Sea of Soul. Due to its violent turbulence no one had survived falling into it.

Ye Xun felt like he was burning inside. What should he do now?

He only got Little Grape back. But Little Apple had fallen over the cliff together with Mo Yutian. What could he tell Jing Xi and his boss?

Inside the hospital.

Su Wanqin and Ying Bao did not find the babies so they rushed back to the ward.

“Mommy! Mommy! Oh no!”

Ying Bao ran as fast as she could back to the ward and cried.

“What happened?”

Jing Xi sat up upon hearing her daughter calling.

Jing Ruyue also came out of the kitchen and asked, “What’s wrong, Cherry?”

“My brothers are gone! They are gone!”

Ying Bao seemed extremely anxious. Su Wanqin also returned to the ward and said, “Jing Xi, Ruyue, this is terrible. The babies are gone.”

Jing Xi thought they were making a fuss and tried to calm them down. “Mother, don’t worry. Perhaps the nurse took them for a bath.”

“No! The nurses are all dead. Someone must have taken the babies!”

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