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Chapter 1493: They Were Cautious Now!

Now she went further to persecute Jing Ruyue and Helian Wei’s children.

Jing Zhannan frowned and asked, “Do you know where Lady White Tea is now?”

“Yes. I can take you to her. She should still be in Estan now.”

Since Mo Yutian could help them find her, Jing Zhannan decided instantly, “The sooner the better. Let’s go get her.”

He turned to Ye Xun. “Ye Xun, you stay here. I’ll go with him.”

“Yes, sure.”

Then Jing Zhannan took Mo Yutian with him and got out of the hospital. He called his men to go with him after Lady White Tea.

Mo Yutian directed them to a house on the outskirts. They surrounded the place and broke in.

Unfortunately, they were too late. The house was empty.

“No one here!”

Jing Zhannan searched the house but found no one.

He turned to Mo Yutian suspiciously and pointed his gun at him. “Give me an explanation.”

He wondered if Mo Yutian was sincerely helping or if he had taken them here deliberately.

What did he want?

“They just left.”

Mo Yutian knew that it was hard to gain their trust because of what he had done in the past.

“You’d better not hide anything from me. Otherwise, my bullets are blind!”

“Why would I lie to you? If I did not want to help, why would I risk my own life to bring you here?”

In order to prove that he was loyal, Mo Yutian pointed at the cup on the table and said, “You see, the tea is still warm. They must have just left. We were one step late.”

The fruit tea on the table was indeed still hot.

Jing Zhannan decided to believe him for now. “So can you get in touch with her again? Or do you know where they might go?”

Since they were already cautious and went on the run, it would be very difficult to get them now.

Mo Yutian shook his head. “No. She came to me every time with different numbers. I could not reach her.”

They had to admit that, being a former spy, Lady White Tea was really good at counter reconnaissance. It would not be easy to get her.

And to make things worse, they were cautious now.

Jing Zhannan called his men back and took Mo Yutian back to the hospital. He sent him to Su Wanqin’s room and arranged a few guards to watch him.

“I have to have an eye on you. You should understand that we could arrest you at any time given your special situation.”

Mo Yutian was a normal person now, which meant that he could be taken for an international trial for his former crimes.

Mo Yutian nodded. “Yes, I know. When you get Lady White Tea, I will surrender myself.”

Jing Zhannan sensed that he was confessing sincerely rather than lying. So he agreed. “If Lady White Tea ever contacts you again, you should report to us immediately.”

“No problem.”

Jing Zhannan left and Mo Yutian got into the ward.

Seeing him coming back, Su Wanqin was relieved. She kept staring at him and asked, “Xiao-Er, are you fully recovered?”

Mo Yutian came to her and got hold o

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