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Chapter 1498: Worry About Their Marriage Life

Ying Bao felt that her baby brothers’ weren’t good enough, and they weren’t in the same category as hers.

“Mommy, the names aren’t good. Can we change them?” Ying Bao asked.

“Huh? Do you have any ideas?”

Ying Bao tilted her head and began to think.

“I got it! Why don’t we give them names with fruits? Then we can be a family of fruits!”

“… Not a bad idea. Which fruits then?”

“… I know! Big brother will be Little Apple, and younger brother will be Little Grape! Apple, grape, and cherry!”

“Sure thing,” Huo Yunshen laughed. “Looks like we won’t have to worry about not having fruits in our house in the future.”

“Then it’s decided,” Jing Xi laughed too.

“Yippee!” Ying Bao jumped with joy. “Little Apple, Little Grape, can you hear me? Hurry up and reply, or I’ll eat you all.”

The adults laughed at Ying Bao’s action once again.

While Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen stayed at the hospital, it had completely become their second home as friends and families would visit them from time to time.

Tang Yitan and his family came to Estan again for Liang Lan’s third session with Jing Huaduo.

They visited Huo Yunshen first before visiting Jing Xi.

When Ying Bao met Tang Feimo, she pulled his hands happily.

“Brother Feimo, did you know? I got two new brothers now!”

“Really? Where are they?”

“Come with me!”

Ying Bao would always go to visit her baby brothers in the hospital. She informed Jing Xi and took Tang Feimo to them.

Ying Bao looked for her brothers in the nursery. She pointed at them when she found them.

“Look! This is my brother. The other one is my brother too!”

“Oh my god! They’re so small!” Tang Fei expressed his surprise.

“Of course, they are babies, after all.”

“Do they have names?”

“Yup! The big brother is Little Apple, and the younger one is Little Grape!”

“That’s some yummy names,” Tang Feimo laughed as he pictured a huge red apple and a bunch of grapes.

“Yup! Apples and grapes are tasty!”

Tang Feimo looked at the babies and suddenly said, “Cherry, let’s have babies once we get married, okay?”

“Okay! We’ll have a lot of babies and buy them a lot of milk!”

“Yes! I’ll earn a lot of money so that we all can live a happy life!”


The kids weren’t even 15 years old if they added their ages up, and yet they were already talking about their married life. The nurses could help but laugh when they heard the kids’ conversation.

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