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Chapter 1619: Beyond His Expectation

Jing Xi held him and ran in the garden. Little Grape was amused and kept gurgling. But when they turned around, she was shocked to see a man coming from some distance, and had to put down Little Grape right away.

Little Grape asked, “What’s wrong, Auntie Xiaoxi? Can’t we continue?”

“Not really.” Jing Xi took a glance at him and looked toward the man again.

Following her gaze, Little Grape saw his father too. For some reason, he got stern once he saw his father.

There was no more gurgling nor calling. He stood there steadily.

He assumed that his father was going to scold him and stop them from flying the kite. But what happened next was completely beyond his expectation.

Instead of scolding, his father asked gently, “Hengheng, were you flying a kite?”


“Did you have fun?”


“Then why did you stop?”

“Can I continue?” Little Grape was not sure.

“Of course you can. Come sit on daddy’s shoulders. Let’s fly it together.”

Huo Yunshen squatted and waited for him to get on.

Little Grape was shocked. As far back as he could remember, his father seldom played with him. Even when he did, they never enjoyed it, because his father had always been busy, and also grumpy from time to time.

Jing Xi was also surprised to see the king coming to play with the boy and asking him to sit on his shoulders.

Seeing the boy standing still, Jing Xi urged, “Your Highness, come on. Daddy is waiting!”

She helped Little Grape sit on Huo Yunshen’s shoulders. Holding his son’s legs, Huo Yunshen stood up and asked, “Are you ready, son?”

“Yes, daddy!”

“Then off we go! Get your kite ready!”

Huo Yunshen started running. While the kite flew upwards the boy got back his gurgling from before.

Jing Xi retreated and sat on a bench to watch them.

She was surprised to see the king smiling. It was the first time she’d ever seen him do so!

He had always been stern and cold.

It was the first time she saw him being so warm and gentle.

The father and son played joyfully in the garden. The kite flew up high in the blue sky while they formed a perfect picture.

Many people inside the hospital were watching through the windows. When they realized that it was their king and little prince, they pick up their phones and recorded the scene.

They did not know that their king was such a loving father. He looked different today from the king on television. Having a loving king like this, their kingdom would definitely prosper.

It was probably the happiest day Little Grape spent with his father throughout his life.

They played for a long while before he finally got down from his father’s shoulders.

Jing Xi went to them and got hold of the boy and the kite.

Huo Yunshen glanced at Jin Xiaoxi and said, “Thank you for playing with him. He did enjoy it.”

“Don’t thank me. The reason for him to be happy is Your Majesty,” Jing Xi replied

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