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Chapter 1624: A Delicate Boy

“The car is so pretty!” Xiao Tieniu exclaimed.

“I think so too.” Jing Xi nodded in agreement.

“It’s my first time sitting in such a pretty car!”

“You can have one too if you work hard in the future, you know?” Jing Xi said.

“Mommy, when can I start going to school then?”

Xiao Tieniu hoped that he could grow up faster and earn a lot of money for his parents to spend.

“Soon. You’re already three years old, right?”

“Really? I’m so excited!”

Xiao Tieniu’s eyes were brimming with excitement when he thought of being able to go to school like all the other children.

“I’ll go and look for a suitable school when I have the time,” Jing Xi said.


Jing Xi planned on sending Xiao Tieniu to a pre-school. But with the little kid’s hearing problem, she was worried that the school might not accept him.

They soon arrived at the hospital.

Jing Xi then brought Xiao Tieniu to the room Little Grape was staying in.

Since it was still early, and the VIP was located on the top floor, the hallway was really quiet.

“Is anyone here?” Xiao Tieniu asked as he stared at the empty hallway.

“Of course.” Jing Xi smiled. “There are doctors and nurses here too, but they’re still sleeping.”

They reached the VIP room and Jing Xi knocked on the door. They waited for a few seconds before the door opened up, and Lan Yi came out of the room.

“Oh, you’re here,” Lan Yi greeted with a smiled.

“Good morning,” Jing Xi greeted back. “I brought my son with me, can he come in too?”

It was only then that Lan Yi realized another kid was standing behind Jing Xi. She was shocked when she saw the kid’s face, as he seemed really familiar.

“Of course.” Lan Yi smiled. “Come on in, the prince is still sleeping though.”

“Niuniu, she’s Grandma Lan. Remember that, okay?” Jing Xi said.

“Okay! Good morning, Grandma Lan!” Xiao Tieniu greeted.

“Good morning. You’re Niuniu, right? Come on in,” Lan Yi said with a warm smile as she rubbed Xiao Tieniu’s head.

Lan Yi closed the door behind her after they all went in. Since Little Grape was still sleeping, only dim lights were lit.

Xiao Tieniu looked around the room, realizing that it was different from every other hospital that he’d heard of.

The room was huge, and it clearly showed that whoever stayed in it was loaded with cash.

He then walked towards the bed and saw a kid sleeping in it.

“Is this the prince?” Xiao Tieniu asked quietly with a surprised look on his face.

“Yup.” Jing Xi nodded.

Xiao Tieniu then stood next to the bed as he stared at the little prince.

In his eyes, the prince had porcelain-like skin and soft brown hair. The prince looked like a doll when he was sleeping.

What a delicate prince, Xiao Tieniue exclaimed in his head.

He then looked at his own skin and realized how dark he really was.

Since he had been living by the beach in the past, his skin got really dark fr

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