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Chapter 1629: You’ve Got The Wrong Person!

Except for his dark skin, they looked almost identical.

Ye Xun became curious about the boy. He went closer and suddenly lifted him up.

Little Tieniu was caught unprepared. He was scared and tried to escape from Ye Xun.

“You are Niuniu, right? Who are your parents?” Despite his resistance, Ye Xun insisted on asking.

Little Tieniu was almost scared into tears. Instead of answering, he started calling for his mother.

Seeing this, Huo Sanyan urged Ye Xun to put him down. “Ye Xu, let him go. Don’t scare the boy.”

Little Grape stood there watching. Then he helped little Tieniu answer. “His mother is my Auntie Xiaoxi.”

Ye Xun let go of little Tieniu, who ran immediately to hide behind the chair. From there he peeked at the adults in the room timidly.

“Who is Auntie Xiaoxi?” It had been a while since their last visit to the Dragon Kingdom. So Ye Xun had no idea what had happened or who had joined lately.

“Auntie Xiaoxi is my nanny. She’s in the kitchen.” Little Grape then called, “Auntie Xiaoxi!”

“Yes! Coming!”

Jing Xi was busy preparing in the kitchen with the door closed. She did not hear them coming until little Niuniu and Little Grape were both calling for her.

Opening the sliding door, Jing Xi came out and was surprised to see two strangers in the room.

Likewise, Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan were also surprised by the woman coming out of the kitchen wearing a veil.

Her figure… the feeling…

Ye Xun almost called out spontaneously, “Jing Xi? Are you Jing Xi?”

In order to prove his assumption, he caught her by the wrist and asked, “Are you Jing Xi? You are still alive?”

Huo Sanyan was also stunned. This woman did seem like Jing Xi.

“Sir… You’ve got the wrong person! Let go of me!”

Jing Xi had no idea who he was and tried hard to get rid of him.

Ye Xun was definitely stronger than her. Before she could react he pulled down her veil in order to see her clearly.

However, the ugly face with scars under the veil caught Ye Xun unprepared.

Huo Sanyan was equally shocked. She was not expecting such a scary face to be under the veil.

Jing Xi knew that her face was a shock. She turned away from them immediately.

Then Auntie Lan came and explained, “Mr. Ye, you are mistaken. She is our new nanny for the prince, Jin Xiaoxi. She’s from Starstan.”

Jin Xiaoxi?

From Starstan?

Based on her reaction and the scary face, he could be certain that she was definitely not Jing Xi.

Realizing that he was mistaken, Ye Xun finally let her go and apologized. “I’m sorry. I was being very rude.”

“Never mind.” Jing Xi put her veil back on.

Seeing that it was a bit awkward, Auntie Lan tried to make an introduction for Jin Xiaoxi. “Sorry, Xiaoxi, I should have introduced them to you. This is a very good friend of His Majesty, Mr. Ye Xun. And this is the third sister of His Majesty, Miss Huo Sanyan.”

Ye Xun apologized again

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