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Chapter 1616: A Kiss

“This is our city,” Little Grape said as he pointed at the lines that he drew.

After going through picture after picture of the city, Jing Xi finally found a drawing that had two people in it.

“Who are they?”

“One is me, the other one is a robot that looks like me.”

“Why do you want a robot that looks like you?”

“So that I can have someone to play with,” Little Grape said as he looked at his picture.

Could it be that he wants to play with other kids? Jing Xi asked herself.

“Hey, if maybe, just maybe, there’s a boy about your age, would you want to play with him?” Jing Xi then asked.

“A boy?” Little Grape asked as he recalled the little kid he saw in the video that was selling kites with Jing Xi. “Is he Auntie Xiaoxi’s son?”

“Yes. If I bring him over, would you want to play with him?”

Little Grape started to think of a few possibilities and asked, “Then will Auntie Xiaoxi ignore me if he comes?”

“Of course not. I can take care of both of you at the same time, and you can have someone to play with.”

“All right.” Little Grape nodded. “I’ll be his friend.”

“Okay.” Jing Xi smiled. “I’ll bring him over tomorrow.”

Jing Xi then let out a sigh of relief. She hoped that the little prince’s illness and mind could get better if he had someone around his age to play with.

It wasn’t until nightfall that Jing Xi began to pack her stuff.

“Auntie Xiaoxi, are you leaving?” Little Grape asked.

“Yup, I have to go home.”

“Will you come tomorrow too?”

“Of course I will. I’ll bring my son with me too,” Jing Xi said and put her bag on. “You get a good night’s rest, and I’ll appear by your side again tomorrow, okay?”

Jing Xi then kissed Little Grape’s forehead out of habit before leaving.

It was what she would always do to Xiao Tieniu before going to work, and she had forgotten the status of the kid in front of her. She thought of him as equal to Niuniu.

But she had no idea how much her action shocked the little prince.

He was utterly stupified.

The only people who had done that to him were his father and grandparents.

He was delighted because it meant that Jing Xi was treating him like her own family too.

The little kid then quietly lay in the bed and fell asleep.

Jing Xi got up and left after informing Lan Yi.

Since there was traffic on Jing Xi’s way back, it was already well past dinner time when she got home.

Mo Yutian had already prepared dinner for her, and she only had to microwave it before eating.

Jing Xi then told Xiao Tieniu about her plan to bring him to the castle the next day after dinner.

“Is he the prince from the stories?” Xiao Tieniu asked when he learned that he was going to meet the prince.

“Nope, he’s a real prince.”

“Really? I wonder what he looks like!”

Xiao Tieniu was really excited.

“He looks like you, you know. He’s also a little kid.”

“Then can I play with him tomorrow?”

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