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Chapter 1631: You’d Better Leave Them Alone!

“What a pity. Her face is too scary. If only she looked a bit more similar to Jing Xi, we could have given it a try.” Ye Xun felt sad.

“Even if they looked identical, what could we do? She is not Jing Xi after all!”

“I’m not saying it has to be Jing Xi. I mean if we could at least find someone who looks similar to Jing Xi, and if she could stay with Boss and the kids, it might help,” Ye Xun added.

“What do you mean? Are you trying to make my brother marry another woman? How could you men all be like this? Do you always need a replacement?”

Huo Sanyan found Ye Xun extremely annoying. She could not stand him any longer.

“That’s not what I meant! I’m saying it has been three years. We cannot let him be trapped in the past. It was no good for him nor for the kids. Can’t you see how much Cherry has changed? Where is my bright little girl now? I’m heartbroken for them!”

Ye Xun could barely hold back his tears.

He felt so sorry for Huo Yunshen and the children, and hoped that they could move on soon.

Seeing that he was truly worrying about his brother, Huo Sanyan did not scold him further. Instead she said, “That’s not something you can help. If you screw it up, you will only bring them further pain. So you’d better leave them alone!”

“I know…” Ye Xun kept quiet for a while, then he realized something. “Don’t you think that Niuniu looks really similar to Boss?”

“Yes… There are many people who look alike out there. Can they all be Michael Jackson, Elvis, Jacky Cheung or Andy Lau?” Huo Sanyan questioned. Ye Xun pouted and said nothing further.

He took a quick glance at Huo Sanyan then said, “Fine. Let’s not talk about them. So how about us? When will you marry me? It’s been three years!”

Ye Xun had been chasing Huo Sanyan for three years. But she never said yes. Talking about it again, Huo Sanyan still had the same answer. “No way! See how miserable my brother is now!? Jing Xi is gone, so is my nephew. How could we get married now? Let’s talk about it later.”

“What does our wedding have to do with that? They will definitely be happy for us.”

“I’m not in the mood!”

“Are you saying that unless Jing Xi and Little Apple come back alive, you will never marry me?” Ye Xun felt desperate.

“Exactly! I’ll marry you when they come back alive!”

Ye Xun felt hopeless. “You should have simply said no!”

Who did not know that Jing Xi and Little Apple could never come back? It was merely another excuse to reject him.

Was he no good?

Would she prefer being single to marrying him?

Ye Xun had recently moved from Estan to the Dragon Kingdom and was assigned the position of commander of national defense. Huo Sanyan had also moved to the Dragon Kingdom for her new career.

Now they both had a new life here. But it felt like they were going further apart.

There were a few times that Huo Yunshen tried to convince Ye Xun to move on. Huo Sanya

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