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Chapter 1626: Different

Lan Yi was afraid that Little Grape might say the wrong thing in front of Jin Xiaoxi, so she tried to persuade the little prince.

“You shouldn’t say that, you know,” Lan Yi said. “If Auntie Xiaoxi hears it, she will get angry.”

“Okay…” the little prince pouted and turned to look at the dark little boy in the kitchen.

Hurt by the little prince’s words, Xiao Tieniu ran to hug his mother’s legs.

“What’s wrong? Did you meet the prince?” Jing Xi asked.

“Yes…” Xiao Tieniu nodded.

“Did you say hello?”



“Because he laughed at my name and my color…”

Xiao Tieniu wanted to go home.

Jing Xi could feel the heartbreak in the little boy. He was just as fragile as the little prince.

She then put down her spatula and kneeled down.

“I think your name is pretty, you know,” Jing Xi said, comforting him. “You are dark because you were born during the night when the moon hangs in the sky. The prince is light because he was born in the morning when the sun is high. Tell me, what’s the responsibility of the moon?”

“To protect the night,” Xiao Tieniu replied.

“And the sun?”

“To protect the day.”

“See, do you get it now? You don’t have to compare yourself to the prince because you two were meant to protect different things. Do you remember what I told you? What’s the most important thing about being a human?”

“Don’t think of how others look at you.”

“That’s right. You should try to be someone you are proud of, yourself.”

Xiao Tieniu felt better after hearing Jing Xi’s words. Lan Yi listened to the whole conversation and it surprised her.

Even though Jin Xiaoxi did not have an excellent educational background, her tolerance and generosity as a human far exceeded others.

Jin Xiaoxi’s way of teaching would benefit a child’s growth a lot.

If Jin Xiaoxi were to stay by the little prince’s side, she might be able to change his attitude.

Jing Xi finished preparing breakfast and brought it out with Xiao Tieniu to officially introduce the two children.

Little Grape stared at Jing Xi holding Xiao Tieniu’s hand, and his heart was filled with jealousy.

He hated the fact that Xiao Tieniu had such a great mother.

“Little Prince, let me introduce my son to you, Niuniu,” Jing Xi said. “Niuniu, this is the prince. You can call him ‘little prince.'”

“Hi, little prince,” Xiao Tieniu greeted with a nod.

“You should greet him back, too,” Lan Yi urged the little prince.

But the little prince just stared at Niuniu, not entirely excited about the whole making a new friend thing.

Whenever the little prince thought that Auntie Xiaoxi did not belong to him alone, it would make him go crazy.

He did not want to share his Auntie Xiaoxi.

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