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Chapter 1606: Feeling Helpless

When they passed by the palace on the bus, Xiao Tieniu pointed at the palace excitedly and asked, “Mommy, what is that place?”

“That’s the palace. It’s where the king and prince live,” Jing Xi explained.

“Is the prince happy all the time? Can he get anything he wants?”

Xiao Tieniu had only learned about princes and princesses from bedtime stories but had never seen one. He was curious as to how their lives really were.

“The prince has his own problems too, you know. Like you, he’s also a young kid and wants to be with his parents and friends,” Jing Xi said, thinking of the little prince living in the palace.

Jing Xi wondered if he had already moved on.

Little Grape was sitting by the dining table, his anger still not showing any sign of subsiding.

All of the food made for him by the royal chefs was thrown to the floor by him.

He was expressing his feelings by not eating anything.

He wanted Yao Zheng to bring his Auntie Xiaoxi back, but the reply he got was that the king had forbidden Jin Xiaoxi from setting foot in the palace again.

Little Grape then went to look for his father, but the king was attending to a guest.

He then looked for Lan Yi but she was nowhere to be found.

As a little boy, he felt really helpless.

That was why he started to thrash around so that he could get the attention of the adults.

He knew that his father would come to him if he did so.

He continued to throw everything on the dining table to the floor, and the maids could not stop him.

He even hit Yao Zheng’s head when she tried to stop him too.

Angered by Little Grape, who was the son of the woman she envied, Yao Zheng went to the king.

She wanted the king to see the trouble his son was making.

She even hoped that the king would slap the kid so hard that he would never wake up again.

If so, she could have the chance to become the queen and have children of her own.

Yao Zheng waited until Huo Yunshen returned while still daydreaming.

Upon learning that the kid was causing a huge mess, he quickly came to the dining room.

“Hanghang! What are you doing?”

When the little kid heard his father’s voice, he knew that he had finally gotten his attention. But he did not stop. He wanted more.

The little kid stood up and threw all the glassware to the floor and broke them.

“Huo QInghang! Stop it!”

Huo Yunshen picked up Little Grape and ordered the maids to clean everything up before leaving.

They then went back to Little Grape’s room, and Huo Yunshen set the little kid down on the chair. The little kid was still crying, expressing what he wanted.

“I told you, I fired her! She’s not coming back!” Huo Yunshen scolded.

“I want Auntie Xiaoxi! I want Auntie Xiaoxi!”

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