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Chapter 1638: The Happiest Kid In The World

Everything played a massive role in the prince’s starting point, putting him way in front of all other people.

Jing Xi then looked at Xiao Tieniu, realizing that her son was also staring admirably at them.

Xiao Tieniu was jealous of the prince for having a lot of relatives by his side. He never knew what it was like to have grandparents or other relatives, for he had been wandering with his father since he was a baby.

The little kid was able to meet his “mother,” Jin Xiaoxi, and they became a whole family.

But Xiao Tieniu was also satisfied, as living with his mother made him the happiest kid in the world.

Jing Xi continued to stare at the family with Xiao Tieniu in her arms. When the Helian father and son left the side of the bed, Jing Ruyue appeared in Jing Xi’s sight.

The moment Jing Xi saw Jing Ruyue, she could feel her heart tightening. She had no idea why, but it felt like Jing Ruyue was someone really dear to her.

“Are you feeling better?” Jing Ruyue asked her grandson.

“Yes!” Little Grape replied.

“Don’t be afraid of the surgery tomorrow, okay? Everyone will be waiting for you here.”

Jing Ruyue gently touched Little Grape’s face, looking at him as if she was looking at her own daughter.

Little Grape looked a lot like his mother, especially in his facial features. Whenever Jing Ruyue got to see him, he always reminded her of Jing Xi when she was young.

“I’m not afraid! I’m a man!” Little Grape boasted.

“So, you’re a man now? Who taught you that?” Jing Ruyue asked.

“It’s Niuniu!”

If Little Grape had not pointed at Jing Xi and Niuniu, the adults would not have realized that there were two other people with them in the room.

A little boy was sitting on his mother’s lap. The mother had a veil over her face.

When Jing Ruyue saw Jing Xi, she was taken aback, as she thought it was her daughter sitting over there.

“Lan Yi, who’s that woman?” Jing Ruyue quickly asked.

“She’s the prince’s new nanny. That’s her son,” Lan Yi explained.

“What’s her name?”

“Jin Xiaoxi.”

“Jin and Xi? Which Jin and which Xi?”

“Jin for golden and Xi for hope.”

Jing Ruyue then became silent and walked to her husband.

“Feng, take a look at that woman. Don’t you think she really looks like our daughter?” Jing Ruyue asked as she pointed at Jing Xi.

“Oh my god! You’re right. Is that really Jing XI?” Helian Wei exclaimed.

“No, I just asked Lan Yi. She’s the new nanny. Her name is Jin Xiaoxi.”

“Really?” Helian Wei sighed. “She really looks like her…”

Helian Qingyu finally also noticed Jing Xi and Xiao Tieniu sitting by the corner and asked, “Who are they?”

“Jin Xiaoxi. Your nephew’s nanny. She looks like your sister, doesn’t she?”

The Helian family sighed as all of them knew that Jing Xi was long gone.

Just seeing Jin Xiaoxi reminded them of the painful past.

The family did not return to Estan after t

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