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Chapter 1618: Understood Something

Little Grape took the thing up and realized it was a well-made frog-shaped kite.

“A frog… kite?” Little Grape asked as he stared at Jing Xi with his starry eyes.

“Yup! I brought you here to fly it with you. Do you want that?” Jing Xi asked Little Grape with a warm smile.

“Of course!”

Little Grape clapped his hands excitedly.

“Okay! Let me set it up!”

Jing Xi raised the kite up and began to run.

No matter how hard Jing Xi tried, the kite would not fly.

“Is something wrong?” Little Grape asked worriedly.

“The wind might not be strong enough,” Jing Xi said. “Let me try again.”

Jing Xi took one last run and let the kite go. The kite began to float and slowly raised into the sky.

“It’s flying!” Little Grape exclaimed.

Jing Xi kept pulling on the string so that the kite would continue to rise.

After the kite had reached a stable state, she handed the string to Little Grape.

“Here, why don’t you try?”

Little Grape followed Jing Xi’s instruction and pulled on the string, resulting in the kite flying even higher.

“Auntie Xiaoxi! Look! I know how to fly a kite now too!”

“Yes, you’re doing really well!”

While they were playing with the kite, they attracted a lot of attention as people began to look at them from the window.

Since they weren’t allowed to fly a kite in the hospital, one of the guards was ready to stop them.

But when the guard realized it was the prince playing with the kite, he stopped and did not proceed any further.

Huo Yunshen came to the hospital after finishing his work. The moment his car stopped by the hospital, the first thing he saw was a frog flying in the sky.

“Who’s flying that kite?” Huo Yunshen asked out of curiosity.

Yin Feng’s gaze followed the string and located the boy who was playing it.

“My liege, isn’t that the prince?” Yin Feng asked.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes followed where Yin Feng was pointing at, and it was indeed his son.

He was surprised that Little Grape was already out of his bed and was playing outside.

“Come, let’s go take a look,” Huo Yunshen said and walked towards his son.

He crept up behind Little Grape and Jing Xi and stopped. He did not disturb them and watched them quietly instead.

“That’s it! You’re doing very well!” Jing Xi shouted as she kept instructing Little Grape, not noticing that a man was standing not far away from her.

Little Grape was standing on the chair. Jing XI then picked Little Grape up and began to run around.

The happy laughter of the little prince echoed throughout the hospital.

Huo Yunshen finally realized something. He eventually learned that the thing that his son had always wanted was simple. He wanted someone to care for him and that was what made him happy.

Thinking back on the little time he had spent with Little Grape, Huo Yunshen realized he had never stood in Little Grape’s shoes and seen what he really wanted f

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