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Chapter 1635: How Dare She

Yin Feng explained and invited them to get into the car. Even with his explanation, Jing Xi still rejected the offer. “Thank you. But we can take the subway. No worries.”

In fact, she did not dare to get into the king’s limo. She was not crazy enough to take such a suicidal action.

Hearing her rejection, Huo Yunshen was a bit annoyed. How dare she!

“Get in!”

An order was imposed. Upon hearing that, Yin Feng urged them, “Miss Jin, come on in. I’m sure you don’t want to displease His Majesty.”

Jing Xi heard his order too. It was not nicely said, which meant he was already displeased.

Knowing that she would never have a chance against this man, Jing Xi had to get into the car.

She lifted up Niuniu and got in. They sat in front and did not dare to take a glance at the man in the back.

Yin Feng closed the door and started the car.

It was their first time in the king’s limo. Jing Xi felt restless especially when thinking of the man behind them.

Without turning around she already felt his cold look upon her.

It was dark back there. Nothing could be seen except for a faint outline of the man sitting there.

Huo Yunshen was not doing anything. He supported his head with one hand and looked quietly at the woman in front.

He imagined how wonderful their life would be if Jing Xi was still here.

There was nothing but silence. If there was a needle dropping onto the floor they could have heard it.

It was little Tieniu who broke the silence. He was curious. “Mommy, this car is awesome! It’s like a house!”

“Hush…” Jing Xi tried to stop him. “Honey, don’t talk now.”

Little Tieniu could not understand. “But why, mommy? Why can’t we talk?”

“…” Jing Xi wondered if the boy had seen the man in the back.

While she was trying to find an excuse, the man behind them said, “It’s ok. You can talk.”

Little Tieniu only realized then that there was another person in the back. He tried to take a look back there and got surprised. “Mommy, it’s the prince’s daddy!”

“Yes, it’s His Majesty.”

Little Tieniu asked, “Mommy, why did you call him His Majesty?”

“Well… It’s honorific. No more questions please.” Jing Xi felt embarrassed and did not want to talk any further.

When they stopped talking, Huo Yunshen took the turn. “So he is your son?”

Being asked by the king, Jing Xi had to answer. “Yes, Your Majesty. His name is Niuniu.”

“What’s wrong with his ear?”

Huo Yunshen had noticed it earlier on when they were in the ward. The boy had a barely functioning hearing aid. There must be something wrong with his ear.

“Niuniu has hearing problems.” Jing Xi gave a simple answer and cuddled the kid.

For some reason Huo Yunshen asked further, “Didn’t you take him to the hospital?”

“When we have money we will get him surgery.”

No wonder she had to work as a nanny. They were saving for the boy.

“You do love your son.”

That was nonsense.

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