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Chapter 1625: Pissing Her Off!

He hid his dark hands behind.

Seeing little Tieniu’s reaction, Jing Xi realized that he might be intimidated by the sight of the little prince. So she patted him on the head and suggested, “Come with mommy. Let’s go make some breakfast.”

Jing Xi went into the kitchen and little Tieniu stayed by her side.

When breakfast was almost ready, there came a boy’s voice. It was the little prince waking up and asking his Grandma Lan, “Grandma Lan, is Auntie Xiaoxi here?”

“Of course. She’s preparing your breakfast!’ Auntie Lan helped him sit up and suggested, “Shall we go wash your face and brush your teeth?”

“Sure!” the boy answered cheerfully.

Inside the kitchen, little Tieniu heard the little prince and asked, “Mommy, was that the prince?”

“Yes. He’s awake. Would you like to take a look?”

“Yup.” Little Tieniu got off the chair and went to take a look at the prince in real life.

He came out and ran into Auntie Lan and the little prince coming out of the bathroom. It was their first encounter.

They stared at each other as if they were looking into a mirror.

They both suffered from illnesses. Therefore they were about the same height.

Although Little Grape grew up in the palace, he was not taller or stronger. They seemed like each other’s reflection from a mirror.

Seeing another boy in the room, Little Grape was startled and asked, “Grandma Lan, who is he?”

Auntie Lan explained, “Your Highness, he is Auntie Xiaoxi’s son, Niuniu.”

“Niuniu? That’s dorky! And why is he so dark?”

Little Grape meant no harm. But it sounded bitter to the little boy.

Although the little prince was not making fun of him, he could not help feeling hurt.

“Your Highness, you shouldn’t have said that. Our names are given by our parents. How could you call it dorky? Do apologize to Niuniu, so that you can still be friends.” Auntie Lan urged him.

“Why do I need to apologize?”

Little Grape had always felt superior as a member of the royal family. Why should he apologize?

He had said nothing wrong. The name Niuniu was indeed dorky!

Auntie Lan knew him well. She knew that he meant no harm but had always been unrestrained.

Seeing that he was reluctant to apologize, she turned to Niuniu and said, “Niuniu, come here. You two will be good friends. Won’t you?”

Upon hearing her calling, little Tieniu turned and ran away instead of coming over.

With Niuniu gone, Auntie Land tried to talk seriously to the little prince. “Your Highness, please do not talk like that again. What you say may upset others. Can’t you see Niuniu was mad at you? He might want to go home if he feels upset. When he asks to go home Auntie Xiaoxi will have to leave too. So think it through. Shouldn’t you be more polite?”

Little Grape did not realize how rude he’d been. He was merely teasing.

“Fine. I will be polite.” The little prince pouted and added, “But his skin is indeed very dar

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