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Chapter 1603: No Longer Who I Used To Be

Ge Juhua stood up in tears. “Xiaoxi, what should we do now? He spent all of our money. How are we going to survive here? We can only count on you now! Luckily you’ve got a job!”

Jing Xi was speechless. Their money was gone and they were all counting on her now?

How could they be so shameless?

“Mother! Come on! We’ve got seven people in this house. And you are all counting on me? Even if I didn’t sleep and kept working day and night, how much money could I make? Now you’ve got no savings. So you all have to go make a living! At least my brother and sister have to go find a job! You can’t count on me alone!”

Jing Xi put it straightforwardly. There was no way she herself could provide for the entire family.

Ge Juhua was annoyed by her words. “Xiaoxi, how could you say that? Are you giving up on us? Did we ever mistreat you? If it was not for your father, would you still be alive? Are you burning the bridge now? The palace is paying you 6,000 dollars per month. Isn’t that enough? We provided for you for years. How could you turn your back on us at this point?”

“Mother, that was not what I meant. I mean Jin Hua and Jin Tiao have to go find jobs too. You cannot let them stay home forever. Otherwise, they will be good for nothing!”

Jing Xi was probably being too harsh. Ge Juhua hated her son for gambling, but she could never let others pick on him.

“What did you say? How could you call your brother and sister good for nothing?” Ge Juhua was pissed off.

“Aren’t they?”

“It’s the man in your room who is good for nothing! He depends on you and us for everything. Did I say a word? How could you say that? You ungrateful girl!”

Jing Xi found it pointless to reason with her. “Fine. That’s it. If you don’t mind, it’s none of my business either. But I’m telling you one thing: I was fired today. I don’t have a job! Now we have nothing to count on. You should figure it out yourself.”

Jing Xi finished her words and left. Ge Juhua was shocked. They were doomed! Xiaoxi had no job now. How could they survive?

Right then, Jin Hua came downstairs. Hearing about what had happened, she tried to comfort her mother. “Mom, don’t worry. I’m no longer who I used to be. Once I am chosen by the royal palace as their queen, we will have nothing to worry about for the rest of our lives! I’m telling you this. You should count on no one but your own daughter.”

Seeing her own daughter, Ge Juhua sighed. She used to be pretty. But now who was this girl? Was she still her daughter?

If she had known what would happen, she would have never sponsored her plastic surgery.

In fact, Jin Hua had tried to make herself look identical to Jing Xi. But how could that be possible? She merely seemed similar to Jing Xi from a certain angle, but was far from being identical.

On the other side, Jing Xi brought Niuniu back to their small room.


The man welcomed her.

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