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Chapter 1620: His Only One

Huo Yunshen waited until Jing Xi finished putting away the kite before taking Little Grape back to his room.

Jing Xi then fetched a bowl of water to help wipe the sweat from Little Grape’s face.

Huo Yunshen did not leave right away. Instead, he cleared his schedule and planned to spend the night with his son.

Jing Xi looked at the clock and realized it was almost 11. It was time for her to prepare lunch.

Since Lan Yi was also present, she decided to prepare more food.

When she was done preparing lunch, she realized the king was still there.

“My liege, will you be joining us for lunch?” Jing Xi asked since she has no idea what Huo Yunshen’s plan was.

To her surprise, Huo Yunshen nodded and replied, “That’ll do too.”


Jing Xi then began to plate the foods and invited him to the dining table.

“Let’s wait for Hanghang,” Huo Yunshen said.

He did not plan to eat first and instead wanted to feed his son first.

Jing Xi was about to feed Little Grape his lunch by his bed, and Huo Yunshen took the bowl from her hands.

“Let me do it,” Huo Yunshen said.

He then scooped the food out from the bowl and hovered it in front of Little Grape’s mouth.

“Here, open wide,” Huo Yunshen smiled.

But Little Grape did not open his mouth.

“What’s wrong? Not feeling hungry?” Huo Yunshen asked worriedly.

“I want Auntie Xiaoxi to feed me!” Little Grape pouted.

“Let me do it,” Jing Xi laughed gently.

She then took the bowl back from the king and began to feed the little boy. Little Grape chomped down on the food like it tasted perfect.

Huo Yunshen looked at Jin Xiaoxi feeding his son and sighed. He couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if his wife were still there.

Jing Xi would’ve taught their son really well and raised him as a good person.

Before long, Little Grape finished his food.

“Are you full?” Jing Xi asked.


“Good boy!” Jing Xi smiled and helped wiped the little boy’s lips.

Jing Xi then went back to the kitchen and served the king his food.

Since there was a difference in status, Jing Xi and Lan Yi did not join the king by the table.

“Please have a taste. You can let me know if the foods don’t suit you, and I’ll remake them,” Jing Xi said.

Huo Yunshen nodded and began to eat.

He had tried Jin Xiaoxi’s dumpling noodle before and it tasted good. This time, Jing Xi had prepared seafood linguine, and it was superb too.

The flavor was almost the same as Jing Xi’s.

Upon realizing that he was comparing Jin Xiaoxi to Jing Xi again, Huo Yunshen couldn’t help but curse himself.

He reminded himself that no one could ever replace Jing Xi.

She would always be his only one.

Huo Yunshen finished his lunch as Yin Feng came in and reminded him that he had a distinguished guest to meet.

After saying goodbye to his son, Huo Yunshen was about to leave the hospital.

“I’ll be okay, as long

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