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Chapter 1605: Envied Them

He felt a bit nervous so he held his mother’s hand and followed closely.

Jing Xi picked a good spot. It was close to an elementary school and a few stalls lined up along the street.

She found some space and spread a piece of cloth on the ground. Then she placed the kites one by one and found little Tieniu two bricks to sit on.

Seeing many people coming and going, little Tieniu asked, “Mommy, will they buy daddy’s kites?”

Jing Xi had no idea. But she had to be optimistic. “Sure, there must be people who like daddy’s kites.”

An hour passed by. Then two. After the school was dismissed, a small child walked by their stall and stopped.

“Grandma, can I have a kite?”

His grandma was reluctant at first. But the boy insisted. “Grandma, let’s buy one, just one! I want a kite! I want a kite…”

The grandma could not stand his begging and had to surrender. She asked, “Girl, how much are your kites?”

“Auntie, they are 20 bucks each. You can choose any one you like!”

“20 bucks? That’s too much. Can you make it cheaper?”

The grandma found it too pricy. But Jing Xi explained, “Auntie, it is indeed not expensive. Those were handmade by my husband. He did the painting himself. It’s not manufactured. You won’t be able to find such well-made kites elsewhere. Furthermore, we are not selling them to make money. We are saving for my son’s surgery.”

Jing Xi patted her son on the head. The grandma then saw a hearing aid on little Tieniu’s ear. The compassionate grandma said nothing further and handed her the money. “There you go. We’ll take one.”

“Thank you! Come on, boy, pick the one you like.”

Jing Xi took the money and gave the change while the boy picked his kite and left joyfully with his grandma.

With the first kite sold, Jing Xi hugged little Tieniu and said, “You see, Niuniu! Daddy’s kite was sold!”

“Yeah! That’s awesome!” Little Tieniu was very happy too.

They sold six kites on that day and made 120 bucks. Then Jing Xi took little Tieniu to a nearby KFC.

It was Niuniu’s first time at KFC. He was super excited.

Jing Xi ordered him a variety of food–chicken wings, french fries, a hamburger, and some coke.

Little Tieniu enjoyed the meal and kept saying, “Mommy, the french fries are so good! The coke tastes great!”

Jing Xi smiled at him and helped wipe the ketchup from his lips.

“I see. Mommy will bring you to try different places from now on. And mommy will make a lot of money so that our Niuniu can go to school. What do you think?”

Little Tieniu was very curious and eager about attending school. He always envied other kids for being able to go to school.

“Great! But can I go to school?”

He reached for his ear and felt unsure about it.

He wore a hearing aid and knew that he was different from the others. He could not hear properly. Would they laugh at him?

“Of course you can! Once Niuniu gets the surgery and fixes the hearing pro

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