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Chapter 1637: Feeling Conflicted

When Jing Xi held Niuniu and walked toward their home, she saw Niuniu’s father standing by the gate.

“What are you doing here, Brother Heiniu?” Jing Xi came to him and asked.

“I came out to see if you were back.” Mo Yutian tried to help her. “Give me the boy.”

“It’s fine. I can carry him.”

Jing Xi entered the gate with the boy in her arms.

Mo Yutian followed and asked, “Who drove you home?”

He had seen the shuttle previously. But it was a limo today. There must be someone else.

“It was the king. You might not believe it. He happened to come to the hospital and offered me a lift home.”

Jing Xi felt proud so she told him the truth.

But Mo Yutian was shocked. “So… did he see Niuniu too?”

“Of course!”

Mo Yutian got anxious and clenched his fists. “Did he… say anything?”

“No. What’s the matter?”

“Never mind.”

No one could understand how conflicted he felt. On one hand, he did want Niuniu to go back to his own family sooner. On the other, he wished that the boy could stay with him a little longer.

He was also worried about Jin Xiaoxi. Did Huo Yunshen find her similar to Jing Xi too?

Otherwise, why would a king offer a nanny a lift home?

Thinking of that, Mo Yutian felt even more worried. He was afraid that Huo Yunshen would take Jin Xiaoxi away from him.

Over dinner, he wanted to say something but never managed to speak out. Jing Xi noticed and asked, “Brother Heiniu, what’s wrong? You seem worried.”

“Nothing.” Mo Yutian tried to look less worried and said, “So… would you try staying away from the king in future?”

“Why?” Jing Xi wondered what made him say so all of a sudden.

“Because… they say the king is grumpy. I don’t want you to be hurt,” Mo Yutian said.

“Haha, no worries. He barely knows me. Why would he hurt me?”

Mo Yutian could not tell the real reason and had to give an awkward excuse. “Anyway, don’t let him give you another lift home. After all, you are a married woman.”


Upon hearing the words “a married woman,” Jing Xi almost burst into laughter.

He should have simply said that he did not want his wife to be around another man. What an awkward excuse!

She had to admit that Niuniu’s father was funny.

Jing Xi smiled and said, “I see. I will make sure that won’t happen again.”

Upon getting her promise, Mo Yutian felt very relieved and said nothing further.

There were only a few days until the surgery.

Jing Xi brought her son to the hospital every day to play and eat together with Little Grape.

Little Grape was definitely in a much better mood now.

Over the weekends, Little Grape’s grandparents and uncle came from Estan to visit him.

Jing Xi heard it from Auntie Lan that the former president of Estan, Helian Wei and his wife Jing Ruyue, together with the current president Helian Qingyu were coming to see the boy today.

She stayed in the inner room with Niuniu

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