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Chapter 1632: Be Cautious

The truth was that Huo Sanyan had no idea why she still could not accept Ye Xun. She knew he was a good person, but just not to the point where she would want to marry him.

She had no idea where the problem was. Even though they’d been living together for three years, their relationship was more than friendship but not to the point where they were a legit couple.

Huo Sanyan also wanted to know what was lacking between the two of them.

After the adults left, the two children went back to their game enthusiastically.

Jing Xi had finished preparing the ingredients, but since it was still too early to cook, she decided to check up on the kids.

Jing Xi sat down next to Lan Yi and mustered all her courage to ask the question that was on her mind.

“Lan Yi, who’s that Mr. Ye? What’s his job?’

She was wondering why Ye Xun would grab her arm and ask whether she was Jing Xi or not.

“Ye Xun is our country’s National Defense Commander and one of the king’s best friends and subordinates.”

“I see… Then why did he keep calling me Jing Xi? Isn’t Jing Xi the name of the deceased queen?” Jing Xi asked.

“Since you asked, I think I should tell you the truth. The reason he mistook you for Jing Xi is that you look a lot like her.”

“I get it now…” Jing Xi sighed. “That was why the king was reluctant to see me. I reminded him of his wife, right?”

“Yes.” Lan Yi nodded. “The king has been living in pain ever since he lost her. The reason he chased you out of the palace was that you touched something that belonged to Jing Xi. Those were his memories of her, but they were also like thorns that hurt him the most.”

Jing Xi finally understood why Huo Yunshen got so angry.

The more merciless Huo Yunshen was, the more it showed how much he loved his wife.

And because of that love, he could not accept other people tainting it.

Jing Xi realized that she had done something stupid. She should not have listened to Yao Zheng.

Now that she’d heard the truth, Huo Yunshen did not seem that scary anymore.

“Lan Yi, what happened after I got chased out from the palace? I swear the key was given to me by Yao Manager. It was her order.”

“Let’s just leave it. Talking about it will only further anger the king,” Lan Yi warned. “All you have to know is that this is how Yao Zheng operates. She will always find ways to get rid of people that are in her way. Remember that whatever she says, you should just ignore her.”

“I got it. I’ll be careful.”

Even though Jing Xi had no idea what Yao Zheng would plan in the future, she would be prepared for it.

Jing Xi also started to think of ways to remind the king about Yao Zheng’s real objective

Ever since Lan Yi had left the palace, Yao Zheng had practically become the boss of the servants.

She was enjoying the best service in the palace, the best of everything.

But she still had another goal, and that was to be the real m

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