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Chapter 1612: Happiness

Jing Xi had completely forgotten who the little boy was and treated him as she would treat Xiao Tieniu. She wanted to fulfill her duty as a nanny and take good care of him.

“Little one, are you awake?” Jing Xi asked as she rubbed Little Grape’s hair.

In his dream, Little Grape was walking in a field of snow without any shoes on. He was looking for his home, his father, but they were nowhere to be found.

Just as he was going to give up, a huge, warm hand touched him and he could hear someone calling out to him. For an instant, he thought it was his mother.

He tried his best to open his eyes.

And in front of him was a face that was covered with a veil, it was a face that he was familiar with. It was his Auntie Xiaoxi.

He couldn’t believe his own eyes.

“Auntie Xiaoxi…” Little Grape let out a small sound as if a kitten was purring.

“Yes, it’s me. How are you?” Jing Xi asked with a warm smile on her face.

“Not good…”

The moment he made sure that it was Auntie Xiaoxi in front of him, all his frustration that he was holding back until then erupted into tears.

“I’m here, little prince. Nothing’s going to happen, okay?”

Jing Xi comforted him.

Little Grape thought that he heard Jing Xi call him “little one,” and he liked it a lot.

He wanted her to call him that instead of “little prince.”

“Auntie Xiaoxi, can you call me “little one” again?”

“Of course, little one,” Jing Xi said with a smile.

The little guy became quiet like a kitten as he looked at Jing Xi while enjoying her rubbing his hair.

He was filled with happiness to be able to see Jing Xi again.

It was as if he got to meet his mother again.

“Auntie Xiaoxi…”


“Why are you not my mommy?”

The immediate question surprised Jing Xi and she had no idea how to respond to it.

“Have you ever met your mommy before?” Jing Xi asked.

“No.” Little Grape shook his head. “They said she left me because I was a bad kid.”

The little guy always thought that his mother had abandoned him and wasn’t told that she was dead instead.

The most he had heard from others was that his mother had left for a place far away from where he was and would never come back.

Even though the little boy had no idea where that faraway place was, he kept wishing for his mother to return.

Little Grape’s answer made Jing Xi feel sad. Even if Little Grape were to ask her that question, she would’ve given the same answer too.

“It’s not that your mommy doesn’t want you, but that she has gone to a place where no car and plane can reach,” Jing Xi explained. “She’s also looking for a way to come back. She must miss you too. I believe that she’ll come back one day when she finds the way.”

Jing Xi’s simple explanation was enough to convince the little kid.

He decided to wait, no matter how long it would take until his mother found a way to return.

Since children have wilder imaginations t

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