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Chapter 1617: Don’t Be Clinging To Her

On the following morning, Jing Xi got up very early to make breakfast for the father and son and prepare their clothes. Then she rushed out.

A shuttle had been waiting for her out there. Seeing her coming out of the house, the driver opened the door and greeted her.

Jing Xi was surprised. She had never expected that someone would come to pick her up. When she got into the car, it headed for the hospital directly.

Because of the shuttle, she came to the hospital quite early. Little Grape was still sleeping.

She greeted Auntie Lan and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Little Grape woke up later. When he opened his eyes the first thing he asked was, “Grandma Lan, is Auntie Xiaoxi here?”

“Yes, she is.” Auntie Lan smiled.

The boy looked around but could not find her. “Where is she?”

“She’s in the kitchen preparing your breakfast. Do you have any idea how busy Auntie Xiaoxi is? She rushed back to take care of her family last night, and had to get up very early again this morning to come for you.”

Auntie Lan wanted the boy to understand and be more considerate, rather than clinging to her.

Hearing that Auntie Xiaoxi had so many things to do every day, Little Grape figured out his way of paying her back. “When I grow up I will do as much as I can for Auntie Xiaoxi. I will build a huge castle for her and arrange a thousand servants to take care of her. And there will be a thousand cooks to make her yummy food.”

“Ok, our little prince is being grateful now. Good boy!”

Auntie Lan smiled at the innocent boy and patted him on the head. “So you should grow up quickly. But before that, you need to be a good boy first.”


“Then let’s go wash your face and brush your teeth.”

“No problem!”

Little Grape was in a much better mood now and would do whatever he was told to.

Jing Xi got the breakfast ready and returned to the room to find Little Grape sitting on the bed waiting. She said, “Good morning, sweetheart!”

“Good morning, Auntie Xiaoxi!”

“Have you washed your face and brushed your teeth?”

“Yes, I did. Take a look.” Little Grape reached out his hands to show how clean they were.

“Well done. So we are ready for breakfast. Shall we?”


Little Grape answered without hesitation.

Seeing that Little Grape seemed much better than yesterday, Auntie Lan took a video while he happily enjoyed his breakfast. She would send it to the king.

Little Grape could not stop saying, “Yummy, yummy,” while he took whatever Jing Xi gave him.

Upon finishing the breakfast, he asked, “Auntie Xiaoxi, can I have more?”

“That’s all for breakfast. You can’t have too much for one meal. We’ll make it multiple meals and in small portions. I’ll get you some desserts shortly. Shall we?” Jing Xi explained.

“Ok.” Little Grape nodded.

It was sunny in the morning. Jing Xi had the doctor’s consent that if the boy wished, he

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