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Chapter 1602: Reluctant

“Don’t get too comfortable!” Lan Yi scolded. “The king will definitely find out about the truth!”

“He might, but you won’t be able to see that day come. This is what you get for opposing me!” Yao Zheng smirked.

Lan Yi had never thought of fighting over something with someone in the palace. All she wanted was to do her best to serve the king and his family.

But even if she was just doing her job, she could not avoid being framed by someone who had an agenda.

She lost in the end due to her own carelessness, but what hurt Lan Yi the most was for dragging Jin Xiaoxi into it.

With everything that had happened, Lan Yi was left with no choice but to leave the palace. All she could hope for was that Yao Zheng would not abuse her newly found power.

Jing Xi went straight back to her home.

She was really sad, especially when she saw the face of the king, who hated her a lot. She had no idea why the face Huo Yunshen made really hurt her feelings.

And then there was Little Grape. The sound of the little prince crying still rang in her ears.

She had only worked as the little prince’s nanny for a few days, and she couldn’t believe that she was so reluctant to leave him.

Jing Xi was drowned in her own thoughts until Xiao Tieniu’s voice woke her up. Jing Xi tried her best to hide her feelings and laughed as the little boy greeted her.


Jing Xi opened her arms and hugged the running kid.

“Mommy! You’re back!”


Xiao Tieniu hugged his mother and rubbed her face with his.

“Come on, let’s go home,” Jing Xi said as she let go of the little kid.

Yet, as soon as she stepped into the main house, all she could hear was her foster mother’s scolding voice.

Ge Juhua was scolding her own kid, Jing Xi’s foster brother, who would gamble all day long.

“Give me back my money, you little prick!” Ge Juhua scolded as she chased after Jin Tiao with a broomstick in her hand.

“Stop! I don’t have the money! Stop!” Jin Tiao shouted as he tried to shield himself.

It was then that Jing Xi learned that Jin Tiao had lost all the money their family had gotten from the government to gambling.

When he saw that Jing Xi was back, he quickly ran to her and hid behind her.

“Xiaoxi! Save me!” Jin Tiao pleaded.

“Why should I?” Jing Xi scolded and kicked Jin Tiao. “You lost all of our money, and you still dare to ask for help? Even I want to hit you now!”

Ge Juhua finally caught up with her son and started to hit him with the broomstick.

Ge Juhua used to love her son so much that she would allow him to do anything, and in turn, Jin Tiao had grown into a selfish person.

Jin Tiao quickly climbed back up and pushed his mother down before running away.

“What have I done to deserve this?” Ge Juhua wailed. “Why did I even raise such a useless son?”

“That’s what you get for letting them do anything they want,” Jing Xi said as she helped Ge Juhua

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