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Chapter 1607: Do Our Best

He almost lost his breath crying and his cheeks were covered with tears.

Huo Yunshen felt helpless upon seeing this. He tried to hug him. But Little Grape rejected it and kept looking at him resolutely yet desperately.

He was merely asking for his Auntie Xiaoxi. But why couldn’t his father grant that?

Why did his father have to drive Auntie Xiaoxi away?

Why couldn’t he have a mother like Auntie Xiaoxi?

Little Grape was overwhelmed by sorrow. He started losing his breath and convulsed.

Huo Yunshen noticed it and realized that he might suffer from heart failure again. “Hengheng! Hengheng…”

Before his son fell over, he caught him in time. But the boy had already passed out.

“Guards! Call an ambulance!” Huo Yunshen called out while he laid Little Grape on the ground to make sure he could breathe properly.

He reached to see if he was still breathing. But it was very faint and he could barely feel a pulse.


Huo Yunshen could not imagine what he could tell Jing Xi if anything happened to their Little Grape.

But at that time, he had to calm down. He unbuttoned the boy’s clothes and started doing CPR on him.

“Hengheng, hang on! You can make it! The doctor will be here soon… Hengheng, hang on! As long as you can wake up, daddy promises you, I will get your Auntie Xiaoxi back…”

With every press on the boy’s chest, Huo Yunshen felt distinct pain in his too.

He kept doing CPR until the ambulance came and took Little Grape to the hospital.

Luckily, Huo Yunshen had done CPR on him, so the boy was able to make it to the hospital. He was saved after some emergency treatment.

When the boy was transferred to the ward, the doctor told Huo Yunshen, “Your Majesty, as you know His Highness has TOF (tetralogy of fallot). We’ve booked the best heart specialist for him and things were originally scheduled for two months from now. But it seems we have to go ahead of schedule. Based on his condition I suggest we carry it out within one month. There isn’t much time. Otherwise, His Highness might not make it until the New Year.”

“Absolutely. Please do whatever you can to save my son!”

“Definitely, Your Majesty, we will do our best!”

A surgery for TOF was not simple. It had to be planned well.

So the specialists would have to give him thorough examinations and make a comprehensive plan. In the meantime Little Grape had to stay hospitalized.

After a few hours, Little Grape finally woke up.

Huo Yunshen stayed by his side and looked at his extremely pale cheeks.

He felt heartbroken. He held the boy’s hands and called him by his nickname. “Little Grape…”

When Little Grape opened his eyes and saw his father’s face, he could not help weeping again. “Daddy…”

“Hengheng, good boy, stop crying, ok?”

Huo Yunshen consoled him for quite a while before he could finally stop weeping.

Little Grape blinked with tears in his eyes and said in

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