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Chapter 1599: He Was Driven Crazy!

However, when he looked into her eyes, he almost saw Jin Xi again and his headache came back overwhelmingly.

Apart from the headache, his vision became blurred too. He seemed to see Jing Xi for real.

What’s going on!

How could this ugly face remind him of Jing Xi from time to time!?

He was being driven crazy!

Tortured by the sharp pain in his head, he had to let go of Jin Xiaoxi and held his own head instead.

Jing Xi was finally freed. She was coughing and panting, and stared at the man in panic.

Seeing him holding his head, she wondered if he was suffering from any disease as he seemed to be in greater pain than she was.

“Your Majesty?”

Jing Xi wanted to make sure he was fine.

“Get out of here!”

Huo Yunshen stood up in pain and pulled her out of the room, then threw her onto the floor as if he was dumping some garbage.

Jing Xi was thrown onto the trolley. It almost hurt her ribs.

But before she could cry out in pain, the door was slammed closed behind them. Obviously, the man was outraged.


Seeing him, a servant rushed over to Huo Yunshen, and Huo Yunshen asked, “Where is Deputy Chief Yao?”

“Your Majesty, I saw Deputy Chief Yao in the atrium just now.”


He would find Yao Zheng and question her face to face. What excuse could she make by then?

He spared a cold look at her and ordered, “Come with me!”

Huo Yunshen passed by her, and Jing Xi had to pull the trolley and follow.

They did find Yao Zheng in the atrium. Huo Yunshen called her to come over.

“Your Majesty, what’s the matter?”

Yao Zheng came as if she had no idea what had happened.

“Did you give her the key to the golden door?”

Huo Yunshen was outraged but not out of his mind. He had to figure out what happened.

Jin Xiaoxi said that Yao Zheng had given her the key.

Was that so?

“How could that be possible, Your Majesty? No one is allowed in that room without your permission. I always keep that in mind and inform my team too. But Jin Xiaoxi is not on my team. She reports to Auntie Lan. I don’t have the key. It’s kept by Auntie Lan. Could it be that Auntie Lan gave her the key?”

Yao Zheng’s explanation was perfect. She was not the one to blame, and instead, Auntie Lan was responsible.

Huo Yunshen knew that the key was always kept by Auntie Lan. Therefore Auntie Lan was definitely responsible for Jin Xiaoxi’s misdeed.

“You are lying! It’s not true! It was you who gave me the key!”

Jing Xi could not stand that she was distorting the truth.

“How could it be me? I never had the key.” Yao Zheng shrugged and seemed to be innocent. “If you insist it was me, do you have any proof? Or a witness?”

“I don’t have any witnesses. We were in the sanitary room and it was only the two of us. But there must be surveillance. We can play the recording.”

“Don’t you know there is no surveillance in the sanitary room? Why a

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