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Chapter 1589: He Owed Her

It was already dark when she returned to their home in the suburbs. But upon seeing little Tieniu waiting for her by the door, she felt her heart melt and the exhaustion from work being immediately dispelled.

Jing Xi called, “Niuniu!”

Little Tieniu then ran joyfully toward her. “Mommy, you are home!”

“See what mommy has brought you!”

Jing Xi waved the cake box, but little Tieniu had no idea. “Mommy, what is it?”

“It’s a cake!”

“Wow, it must be very delicious!”

Little Tieniu’s eyes sparkled with excitement. He had never tried a cake throughout his life and wondered how it tasted.

“Absolutely! Let’s go home and try it!”

Jing Xi held him in hand and walked to their small room.

Entering the room she opened the box and asked little Tieniu to sit down by the table and enjoy it.

It was his first cake experience and he found it so yummy. “Mommy, it’s super delicious!”

“Ha, if you like it, mommy will buy more next time.”

“Mommy you should try some, too!” The little boy did not want to eat it by himself and proposed to share with his mother and father.

“I’ve had mine. You help yourself!”

Jing Xi patted him on the head and spoke gently.

Mo Yutian had also been waiting for her to come home. He asked, “Xiaoxi, you haven’t had dinner, have you?”

“Nope. I’ll make some shortly, no worries. By the way, I bought you something too. Wait!”

Jing Xi ran out and came back again shortly with a new pair of crutches. She came to him and smiled. “Here you go.”

“You bought me crutches?”

“Yup. With these it will be easier for you to walk around. I could only afford these right now. When we are better off I will help you get an artificial limb so that you can walk freely again.”

Jing Xi told him about her plan.

Mo Yutian was overwhelmed by gratefulness. He knew that Jin Xiaoxi seldom bought food or clothes for herself. But she had always been so good to him and Niuniu. He owed her so much and could never do enough to pay back her kindness.

In the end he could only hold her hands and say, “Thank you, Xiaoxi.”

“Don’t mention it! Come on, let’s try your new crutches.”

With Jing Xi’s help, Mo Yutian stood up and tried the crutches.

Jing Xi adjusted the height accordingly and wrapped the top of the crutches with clean towels so that he would feel more comfortable.

With these crutches, Mo Yutian could get rid of the stick and walk easily by himself. He could also help with some housework.

Mo Yutian was very happy about his new crutches. But he did not want to delay her dinner any further. “Xiaoxi, I’m good here. Go make yourself some dinner now.”


Jing Xi went to the kitchen.

Mo Yutian assumed that Jin Xiaoxi had already gotten used to her new position in the palace and could see the king from time to time.

Therefore he wondered if it might be the time to send Little Apple home.

So he called to little Tieniu. “

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