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Chapter 1574: A Precaution

“I found a new job, so I’ll be home late every day,” Jing Xi smiled and explained. “Look what I brought you.”

Jing Xi then took out the bag of fruits and showed them to the kid.

“Wow, are these all fruits?” Xiao Tieniu exclaimed as he looked at the fruits he’d never seen before. “Thank you!”

“Have you eaten your dinner yet?” Jing Xi asked as she noticed the kid was staring at the fruits intensely.

“No, only breakfast and lunch…” Xiao Tieniu shook his head. “Grandma Jin didn’t bring fruit for daddy and me.”

Jing Xi had prepared breakfast and lunch for the father and son but did not prepare dinner because she thought she could make it back in time.

She scolded her mother in her head for not bringing food for them.

“Come on, I’ll make something.”

Jing Xi then took the kid back to the mansion.

The Jin family had already had their dinner and didn’t even bother to care about the two living in the warehouse.

Ge Juhua noticed Jing Xi was back and asked, “Xiaoxi, is everything settled with your work?”

“Yes.” Jing Xi nodded.

“How much are they paying you a month?” Ge Juhua asked, caring only about the wages.

Since the Jin family didn’t want to take care of Mo Yutian and Xiao Tieniu, Jing Xi decided to not tell them that she was getting 20 thousand a month.

“Six thousand, plus some bonuses,” Jing Xi replied.

Jing Xi decided to save the remaining money for Xiao Tieniu’s surgery instead.

“Six thousand? That’s a lot!”

Ge Juhua had no idea about the wages for working in the city since the average pay for a person where she came from was only a thousand a month.

That was why six thousand seemed like a lot to her.

Ge Juhua was already planning in her head how to spend the money that she could get from Jing Xi.

“Mon, why didn’t you prepare food for Heiniu and Niuniu? They haven’t had anything to eat for dinner,” Jing Xi said.

“How would I know that you would be back so late? I only prepared food enough for our own,” Ge Juhua replied casually.

“Then, can you make dinner for them every day? I don’t think I can make it back by dinnertime.”

Jing Xi requested this as a precaution for if she had to work late.

“What? You are asking me to make food for them?”

“Well, if you don’t want to, give them back the money you got from the government. I’ll help them find a new place to live outside.”

“Are you crazy? That money is ours!”

“I guess I’ll have to move out with them then. You won’t be able to get an ounce of my salary.”

Jing Xi realized that showing them leniency would only make the problem worse.

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