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Chapter 1569: Asking For More

But he still remembered it was a black gun. It was so cool.

“Well… ok.”

Now Jing Xi knew from the boy’s words that the king always carried a weapon with him.

But that was not hers to worry about. She would make a black toy gun for him now.

She colored the cardboard in black and outlined the details in silver.

Soon enough a toy gun was finished. She handed it to Little Grape and asked, “Your Highness, how do you like it?”

Little Grape was surprised and admired it. “This is great! It’s exactly what I wanted!”

He pointed the toy gun at his targets around him and made the sound, “Bang!”

Seeing him satisfied, Jing Xi suggested, “So shall we play a simple game today as a rehearsal, and carry out an official performance tomorrow?”

“Sure!” Little Grape was more than ready.

“Then I’ll play the bad guy and you be the policeman. Now I will go hiding and you will come to catch me. If you shoot me I will be dead. Got it?”

“Got it!”

“Good. Then let’s start. I’ll go hiding now.”

Jing Xi stood up and looked for shelter. Little Grape’s room was huge and she had plenty of options.

They carried on for an entire afternoon.

When darkness fell the game was barely over. Little Grape was soaked in sweat but he was still asking for more.

“Auntie Xiaoxi, let’s do it again!” he begged.

“Your Highness, let’s call it for today, ok? It’s time for dinner. Even the strongest policemen have to eat something. Aren’t you hungry?”

Jing Xi poked him slightly on his little belly.

Little Grape did feel hungry after playing hard. “Well, then, what will we have for dinner?”

“You stay here and play for a while. I’m cooking you dinner now.”

Jing Xi went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

While Little Grape was playing in his room, his former wet nurse, Yao Zheng, came to see him.

She opened the door and was scared by the sight of him playing with a gun. She almost dashed in to take away the gun. But on second thought, she turned to visit the king.

Yao Zheng closed the door again and rushed to the king’s study.

The king’s personal assistant, Yin Feng, was guarding the door and blocked her way.

Yao Zheng seemed anxious. “Yin Feng, please report to the king that I have to see him urgently.”

“What’s the matter?” Yin Feng seemed indifferent.

Knowing that Yin Feng would never do anyone any favors, Yao Zheng had to say, “It’s His Highness the prince. Can you afford taking the risk?”

Yao Zheng thought that being the deputy chief butler, she should have the privilege to ask for the king directly. But Yin Feng never let her in without the king’s consent.

“You wait here!”

Since it was about the prince, Yin Feng had to report to the king immediately.

Soon enough she heard the king saying, “Come in.” Yao Zheng tried to hide her excitement and rushed in.

She finally met Huo Yunshen, the king. Yao Zheng felt her heart beating violently.

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