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Chapter 1586: Don’t Blame Me

Since the kids didn’t want to play anymore, they had no more reason to stay in the park under the bright sunlight.

The king and his family left first, leaving Yao Zheng and the servants behind.

“You!” Yao Zheng scolded at Jing Xi. “Why did you have to ruin the king’s day with your ugly looks? Can’t you be any more self-conscious about your looks?”

Jing Xi was speechless as Yao Zheng blamed everything on her.

“What makes you think I have the power to order the king around?” Jing Xi snorted. “Don’t you think blaming it on me is a little too far-fetched?”

“You! You think you can go against me because you have Lan Yi backing you up? Do you think she’s the only one with power? I’ll show you what I can do to you!”

Yao Zheng scolded her and then turned to the other servants. “Catch her!”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jing Xi scolded as she was being held down by two other servants.

She had been holding back all the time because she didn’t want to stir up trouble. But Yao Zheng was taking it too far.

If Yao Zheng really wanted a fight, Jing Xi would gladly accept it.

Don’t blame me if you get hurt! Jing Xi smirked in her head.

“I’ll show you what I can do as the head of the palace servants! You won’t get away from here unhurt today!”

Yao Zheng raised her hand to slap Jing Xi. Jing Xi was clenching her fists ready for a fight.

But before Yao Zheng could land her slap, a deep voice shouted out, “Stop!”

Stunned by the voice, Yao Zheng’s hand stopped in mid-air. Jing Xi followed the sound and noticed that the king’s limo was back.

The king was standing with the little prince by the vehicle, and they were looking at Yao Zheng with disdainful looks.

Yao Zheng quickly turned away, not wanting the king to see her angered face.

She then dropped her hand to help with adjusting Jing Xi’s collar. People couldn’ve mistaken Yao Zheng for a really talented actress with the way she changed her mood.

Jing Xi couldn’t hold back her chuckle as she looked at Yao Zheng, trying her best to show her good side in front of the king.

“Yao Zheng! What are you doing?” Huo Yunshen scolded.

He had seen everything, from Yao Zheng picking a fight with Jing Xi until she was about to slap her. The reason that Huo Yunshen wanted to leave early was not because of Jin Xiaoxi, and there was no need to punish her.

“My liege.” Yao Zheng turned around and forced a smile. “I’m just trying to tidy Xiaoxi’s collar.”

Huo Yunshen then turned to look at Jing Xi. Scared by their king’s stare, the two servants quickly let her go.

“Hurry up. You’re leaving with us,” Huo Yunshen said.

“Really? I’m coming!” Yao Zheng quickly responded, thinking that the king was talking to her.

“Stop right there! I wasn’t talking to you!” Huo Yunshen scolded again.


Yao Zheng stopped moving as if she was being frozen. She then looked at Huo Yunshen with an astonished look

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