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Chapter 1576: Replace

Yao Zheng pointed at Jing Xi and made others turn to look at her.

“I’m sorry, there was a lot of traffic on my way here,” Jing Xi explained.

“No excuses! You should’ve woke up earlier then! Do you expect everyone to wait for you?”

“I’m sorry…”

Jing Xi lowered her head since she knew that further explanation would do her no good.

But Yao Zheng took it as a chance to show her power in front of everyone else.

“What makes you think a simple apology will be enough? Do you even know where you are? It’s the palace! How dare you come in late on the first day! You’re fired!”

Jing Xi couldn’t believe her luck. Everyone was still staring at her, and she could only turn to leave.

“Wait!” Lan Yi suddenly shouted after Jing Xi had taken a few steps away.

Jing Xi turned and saw Lan Yi walking towards Yao Zheng.

“Yao Zheng, don’t you know that she’s the prince’s new nanny? Did you even get the prince’s permission to fire her?” Lan Yi asked sternly.

Yao Zheng hated being questioned by Lan Yi, but she also knew her position and that she should not go against someone higher.

“Isn’t that the rule of the palace? Any worker who comes in late will be fired immediately. I’m just following it.”

“Well, rules are rules, but are you sure you have the power to fire the prince’s nanny?” Lan Yi then asked.

“Then let’s ask the prince to decide. If he chooses for her to stay, then she can stay. But if the prince wants her to leave…”

Yao Zheng believed that she knew the prince’s personality very well. Little Grape had hated all of his previous nannies and had all of them fired. She thought that the prince would not like the new nanny who was ugly either.

She also thought that since the prince was scolded by the king because of Jin Xiaoxi that the prince would not even want to see her.

With those things in mind, Yao Zheng asked someone to invite the prince over.

The moment Little Grape saw Jin Xiaoxi, he quickly struggled away from the servant’s hand and ran towards her.

“Auntie Xiaoxi!”

The little boy ran over and hugged Jing Xi’s legs as if they were friends who’d been separated for a long time.

No one present at the scene had seen that side of the prince before.

Yao Zheng was completely stupefied as things were not going according to her expectations.

“Yao Vice Manager, I believe that we have our answer now.” Lan Yi smiled.

Everyone knew that the relationship between Lan Yi and Yao Zheng was never good as the latter kept looking for ways to replace the former.

But since Lan Yi had gained the complete trust of the king, it wasn’t something Yao Zheng could achieve quickly.

That was why Yao Zheng wanted to chase Jing Xi away, because she had been recruited by Lan Yi.

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