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Chapter 1566: Felt Better

“Okay.” Huo Yunshen nodded.

Little Grape jumped off his chair and walked away while rubbing his tummy. He already felt better after having a fulfilling meal for the first time in a long time.

“Daddy, can I leave too?” Ying Bao asked politely.

“Wait, come here,” Huo Yunshen said while waving his hand.

Ying Bao walked towards her father and stood in front of him. Huo Yunshen then took Ying Bao’s hands and looked at her.

The adult was shocked by how fast time had flown. His daughter was already eight years old and had grown a lot.

It also seemed like there were a lot of things that were held up inside the little girl’s head. She wasn’t as innocent and happy as she used to. It was then that Huo Yunshen realized a barrier had formed between him and his daughter.

He felt as if he couldn’t communicate with her as he used to.

“Daddy?” Ying Bao asked as Huo Yunshen just kept staring at her.

“I have some free time tomorrow, why don’t we go for a picnic? We’ll bring Little Grape with us too,” Huo Yunshen said, wanting to spend more time with his children.

Ying Bao thought for a little while and nodded.


“All right. We’ll leave tomorrow morning.” Huo Yunshen smiled.

The father and daughter then left the dining room holding hands.

When they met Lan Yi outside the dining room, Huo Yunshen informed her about the picnic and asked her to make some preparations.

Jing Xi was still making dumplings in the kitchen.

“Xiao Jin, that’s enough. The king and his family have already left,” Lan Yi said when she came in and saw Jing Xi still trying her best. “You can go and rest now.”

“It’s okay. I’ll finish this batch and store them in the fridge.” Jing Xi smiled.

Since the fillings were more than enough, Jing Xi thought of freezing the remaining dumplings so that the prince could have some whenever he wanted.

“All right. The king praised you for the food, you know?”

“Really? I was worried that they might not like it.”

Jing Xi was happy to hear that the king liked her food, and her movements became faster.

“Take your time,” Lan Yi said. “Oh, come and find me when you’re done. I still have something to tell you about the job.”

“Okay,” Jing Xi replied with a smile.

Lan Yi then turned to leave but was stopped by Jing Xi.

“Lan Yi, I have a question,” Jing Xi said and pointed at a basket of fruit. “Are these going to the trash?”

Jing Xi had heard from the servants working in the kitchen that they would have to throw the fruit away.

“Yes, any fruit that isn’t consumed the day it’s bought will be disposed of. What’s wrong?”

“Oh… I thought that it would be a waste since they are still good,” Jing Xi said embarrassedly. “Can I take them back for my son? He’s never had the chance to try these fruits.”

Lan Yi finally realized that Jing Xi wanted to bring the fruits back to her son and couldn’t help but compliment Jing Xi’s mot

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