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Chapter 1581: How Dare She?

She and Auntie Lan and had worked hard to prepare the food. If they threw it away, what would the prince and princess have for lunch shortly?

“Your food sucks. And it already went bad. How could you serve His Majesty and Their Highness with it? Are you going to take the blame if they get sick?” Yao Zheng came and questioned.

“How could it be bad? Auntie Lan and I prepared it this morning!” Jing Xi argued.

“It’s bad when I say it’s bad. What are you waiting for? Go throw it away!” Yao Zheng ordered again.


Seeing the servants taking the food away, Jing Xi walked toward them and got the baskets. She had prepared it carefully and there was no way that the food already went bad. She could not see them wasting the food.

“Even if they are not having it for lunch, you cannot throw it away! I made it. And I will take it away!”

Jing Xi took away the baskets and left Yao Zheng behind.

Yao Zheng was pissed off. How dare this newcomer disobey and challenge her?

Fine! Let’s see how far you can go!

Jing Xi took the two baskets and tried to find a place to store them. Then the king’s limo headed back.

They did not come back for the food. But rather Little Grape came back to pick up Jing Xi.

“Auntie Xiaoxi!”

He ran to her. “Why are you still here? You should come play with me!”

“Auntie Xiaoxi is busy preparing for your picnic.” Jing Xi smiled and asked, “What would you like to play?”

“We’re boating. Auntie Xiaoxi, come with me!”

The little boy ran behind her and pushed her toward the limo. Jing Xi was not able to put down the baskets before she came to the limo.

“Get in!” the little boy insisted.

“OK, OK. Let me put the baskets here first.”

Jing Xi put the baskets in the back and got in the limo together with Little Grape.

Little Grape sat closely by her side and asked the diver to take them to his father.

The driver brought them to Swan Lake. The boat was waiting. Huo Yunshen was about to take the two children boating. But Little Grape would not get on board without his Auntie Xiaoxi.

Therefore Huo Yunshen had to let him go back to pick up the nanny.

“Daddy, they’re here!”

Ying Bao spotted the limo first.

Huo Yunshen saw the car pull over by the lake and Jin Xiaoxi help Little Grape get out of the car.

Then she went to the back and brought the baskets of food.

Seeing that, Huo Yunshen could not help recalling the past again, when he used to bring the children to picnic together with Jing Xi.

She used to prepare lots of yummy food every time and place them in baskets. Whenever they felt hungry, they could indulge themselves in her wonderful dishes.

How happy they used to be!

The memories were haunting Huo Yunshen and he felt a severe headache again. Whenever he thought of Jing Xi he became extremely heartbroken.

He turned away from Jin Xiaoxi and hoped that it would help him calm down.

Jing Xi br

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