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Chapter 1571: Grumpy King

He almost thought it was Jing Xi cooking in the kitchen.

But he knew it was not possible. He managed to wipe away the doubt and pounded on the table after entering the room.

Jing Xi was frightened and turned around. Upon seeing the king she bowed immediately. “Your Majesty!”

“Did you make this?” Huo Yunshen asked.

Jing Xi raised her head and saw the toy gun. “Yes.” She nodded.

“How dare you make something like this?” Huo Yunshen threw the cardboard gun on the table and questioned her harshly.

“Your Majesty, what’s wrong with it?”

Jing Xi sensed his anger but was confused. What was wrong with a toy gun?

“Are you not aware how dangerous it is to give such toys to a three-year-old?”

Huo Yunshen scolded her again. Whenever he recalled that Little Grape once played with his gun he could not help getting extremely anxious.

“My apologies. I didn’t realize that. I just wanted His Highness to enjoy the game…”

Huo Yunshen stopped her before she could finish. “Stop it! This is not going to happen again! Otherwise you are fired!”

Huo Yunshen threw the toy gun at her and left the kitchen in a rage.

Jing Xi felt relieved. At least she was not fired right away.

What a grumpy king!

She had heard about it previously. It seemed that people were right.

It was merely a toy gun. Why should he be so worried?

Jing Xi felt wronged. But they were the boss and she had to listen.

Fine. Next time I will make a sword or blade instead of a gun. OK?

Since it was not allowed in the royal palace, she would take it back to Niuniu.

Jing Xi put the toy gun into her pocket. But before she could continue to cook dinner another person entered.

It was a younger woman with a pretty face. But she seemed annoyed.

“So you are the new nanny, huh?”

Yao Zheng had heard that, while she was away, they hired a new nanny.

Knowing that the new nanny had made the prince a toy gun and pissed off the king, she had to come to teach her a good lesson.

Jing Xi had no idea who she was and said, “Yes I am new. So may I know who you are?”

“Listen carefully!” Yao Zhen entered on her high heels and made an official introduction. “I’m the former nanny of His Highness, and the current deputy chief butler, in charge of all the servants, including you.”

Jing Xi then recalled what Auntie Lan had told her. “I see. So you are Deputy Chief Yao. I’m the new nanny, Jin Xiaoxi.”

Seeing her wearing a veil, Yao Zheng felt annoyed. “Whatever Xi, why are you wearing a veil here? Are you trying to attract His Majesty’s attention? Take it off now!”

“No. I merely don’t want to scare people.”

Jing Xi could tell instantly that Yao Zheng was not as nice as Auntie Lan.

But since she held a senior position, Jing Xi had to follow her orders and took off the veil.

Upon seeing her face, Yao Zheng was indeed frightened, “Ah… What’s wrong with your face? You scared the hell out

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