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Chapter 1578: Strong-Willed

Jing Xi followed Lan Yi while holding the little prince’s hand.

“Lan Yi, thank you for helping me out,” Jing Xi said.

“I’m just helping myself.” Lan Yi turned around and smiled. “My position requires me to be strong in my will, or else the one leaving will be me.”

Lan Yi was the head butler when Huo Yunshen was still living in the Yunjing Manor. She then moved to the Dragon Kingdom with him and was handed the position to handle all of the servants in the palace.

Ever since Yao Zheng was also brought to the palace, she has been trying to take over Lan Yi’s position.

Lan Yi had already seen through the greed that Yao Zheng had and would not even want to picture the chaos that would happen in the palace if she became the manager of the servants.

That was why Lan Yi vowed to help Huo Yunshen as much as she could as long as she was still breathing.

Lan Yi was right; a person has to be strong-willed if they wanted to survive in the cruel world.

Upon learning something new from Lan Yi, Jing Xi believed that she was a good person from the bottom of her heart.

She decided to make as few mistakes as possible to help with Lan Yi’s burdens.

“I know that you live quite far away, so make sure you come on time, as best you’re able. You can call me if you need anything. Oh, right, what’s your number, by the way?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have a phone…”

“I see…” Lan Yi nodded.

Jing Xi had always wanted to buy a phone for herself, and since Lan Yi brought the topic up, Jing Xi took the chance to ask for something.

“Lan Yi, can I make a small request if possible? Can I get my next month’s salary in advance? Even half a month is enough. I was planning to get a phone for myself…”

Lan Yi looked at Jing Xi and thought for a while before nodding.

“All right, I’ll tell the accounting department later. You can collect it when you leave today.”

“Thank you! Thank you very much.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Lan Yi said. “The king is going to bring the princess and the prince on a picnic later. I need your help with the food.”


When Little Grape heard that his new nanny had to help Lan Yi, he tilted his head and asked, “Auntie Xiaoxi, when can we play?”

“After I finish preparing the food, okay?”


Jing Xi then followed Lan Yi to the kitchen and started preparing while the little prince sat by the door staring at them.

“My little prince, why don’t you go and play in the garden first?” Lan Yi asked, worried that the prince might be bored.

“No! I’ll stay here!”

Little Grape did not want to leave Jing Xi’s side, no matter what.

Lan Yi couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight. It might have been the first time in her memory that the little prince was so fond of his nanny.

Jing Xi finished on the first dish and gave some to the little prince.

“Do you want to try this? It’s a shredded coconut ball.” Jing Xi smiled.

“Is it tas

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