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Chapter 1568: Gaining His Trust

There were a lot of women who went through plastic surgery just to make themselves look like Jing Xi. They would join talent shows or variety shows only to gain fame.

But none of them could match the original’s talent and luck.

A lot wanted to be Jing Xi, but there would only ever be one real Jing Xi in Huo Yunshen’s heart.

And she was dead.

A person that would never return.

Huo Yunshen turned around. He found it hard to breathe as tears began to roll down his cheeks. His longing for his wife had put holes in his heart that could not be patched up.

Jing Xi… I really miss you…

After playing with the dogs, Little Grape wanted to go back to the castle, and Jing Xi followed behind him.

When Little Grape realized that an ugly woman was following him, he turned around and asked, “Why are you following me?”

“Because I’m your new nanny.” Jing Xi smiled.

“Aren’t you Grandma Lan’s new assistant?” Little Grape asked back.

“Yes, but I’m also your nanny.”

“I don’t need a nanny. I like to play on my own!”

Little Grape hated the thought of being watched by someone all the time. When he learned that Jing Xi was going to be his new nanny, he began to think of ways to ditch her.

“Oh? I like to play own my own too. I’m excellent at a lot of games.” Jing Xi smiled.

Jing Xi had already seen through what the little boy was thinking. She knew that the first thing she had to do was gain his trust.

It would be a waste if she were to lose a high paying job.

“What kind of games?”

Little Grape’s curiosity was piqued. None of his previous nannies ever had the nerve to talk to him about games and would never play with him.

“Let’s see… I know how to play Catch the Terrorist! How about it? Do you want to join my team and shoot some bad guys?” Jing Xi asked as she mimicked a gun with her hand.


No matter how smart Little Grape was, he was still a kid. When he heard of the new game, he was really interested in how to play it.

“But I only play with my friends. You have to call me Auntie Xiaoxi and become my friend before joining my team,” Jing Xi said.

“Auntie Xiaoxi, I want to join your team.” Little Grape smiled.

And with that, Jing Xi finally gained some trust from the little prince.

Jing Xi then took Little Grape back to his room and began to find materials to make a weapon.

They found some cardboard, some glue, and a pair of scissors and began to make a fake gun.

Little Grape was looking at Jing Xi making a gun out of all the materials. He found it intriguing, as no one had done something so interesting with him before.

He would help out whenever Jing Xi asked him to. Joining in with Jing Xi gave him a sense of excitement that he had long since lost.

That was Jing Xi’s secret on spending time with children. She would think like a child so that she could gain their trust.

“What color do you want?” Jing Xi aske

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